Become a Preceptor

Why should I become a preceptor?
You may remember your first days on rotation or even starting as a new practice site, eager to learn and contribute, but a little hesitant and unsure of yourself. Perhaps a past preceptor or mentor explained, demonstrated and inspired you to think for yourself and achieve. Today, you have the opportunity to be that person by giving back to the profession. Becoming a preceptor and mentor to a student is one of the most honored contributions you can make to the profession!

The college values its partnerships with their pharmacists in the community and recognizes their efforts by offering the following benefits:

We appreciate your wanting to take on the role of being a preceptor to our students. We know that you will serve as a role model for our future pharmacists and share your knowledge and skills with each student.

The preceptor has a responsibility to ensure that a student has adequate opportunities to demonstrate competence in practice functions specific to the Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience/Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience. Preceptors serve as a role model to be emulated by the student after graduation. The preceptors' appointment as adjunct faculty recognizes the contributions preceptors make as a key player in this academic program.

If you are a new preceptor, please fill out the preceptor application along with an availability request form.  If you are already a preceptor and have moved to a new location, please fill out your new site information on the preceptor application.

Please submit the forms along with your CV or résumé via e-mail to  or by fax to 623-572-3560.

If you have any questions or concerns you can always contact our office at 623-572-3557 or email at