PS2 Rubric

PS-2 Rubrics

All assignments are to be documented in RMS and copies are to be placed in the portfolios. The preceptor will certify that all assignments are complete and acceptable before your final evaluation. Thereafter, a grade will be assigned. If the assignments are not done by the last day of the IPPE, you will receive an incident report.

The following assignments are required for each IPPE:

The student must have an updated resume or curriculum vitae.

SOAP Notes
Drug information inquiries (20 are required)
Case presentation
Ambulatory drug distribution activity
Institutional drug distribution activity
Inter-professional activity (institutional only)
Mid-rotation evaluation (end of 2nd week)
Final evaluation (submitted by preceptor)
Student evaluation of site

Must have absence form for each absence (only 2 days allowed per APPE)
Please see manual regarding absences

The student may be given other assignments such as nursing or pharmacist in-services, patient information handouts, newsletter articles, or community screenings based on opportunities at the site.

Please follow the links below for each of the assignments from the IPPE rotation.

SOAP Notes

SOAP notes are required for each Ambulatory IPPE. A student is required to write at least 5 SOAP notes on OTC consultations, health aids or prescription medication counseling with information they collect from patient interviews or patient profiles.

Drug Information Inquiries

The student will answer at least 20 drug information inquiries using tertiary references for each IPPE. They should provide the type of requestor, question, answer, and at least two references.

Case Presentation

The student is required to prepare and present one patient case for each IPPE rotation. This should be an expansion of one of the SOAP notes which should consist of patient information, drug therapy, and a summation which critiques therapy and provides a conclusion.

Drug Distribution for Ambulatory

The following list should be discussed and if possible also participate as applicable to the site.

Order Entry
Emergency or 34 hour prescription services
Emergency poison or toxicology information
Prescription compounding
Patient product information (PPI) distribution
Black Box warnings
Controlled Substances
Self care
Medication Safety Issues
Patient Consultation
Application of Federal and State Pharmacy Law

Drug Distribution for Institutional

The following list should be discussed and if possible also participate as applicable to the site.

Order Entry
Distribution system used at the site
Nursing unit medication stock
Crash carts and emergency drug kits
Sterile products
Therapeutic Substitution
Automatic stop orders
Controlled substances
Investigational drugs
Medication safety initiatives
Pharmacy Consultations (example: Pharmacokinetics)
Application of State and Federal Pharmacy Law

Interprofessional Activity (Institutional only)

The student is required to attend an interdisciplinary meeting or shadow another health care professional for at least half a day during the institutional IPPE and required to write a one page reflection paper on this experience.

Mid-Rotation Evaluation

The student completes the student portion of the evaluation on PEMS and then the preceptor will complete their portion on PEMS. The preceptor will then print a copy of the evaluation and review with the student.

Final Evaluation

The preceptor completes the final evaluation and reviews with the student. If the student fails any part of the professionalism component the student fails the rotation. The second and third components account for 50% each of the grade. The final evaluation is due on the last day of the IPPE.

Student Evaluation of Site/Preceptor

This evaluation is confidential and will be reviewed by the Office of Experiential Education after each IPPE for quality improvement.