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Do you have questions about the financial aid programs at Midwestern University? These recordings will give you a brief overview of your financial aid options at our institution. Learn more by clicking on the links below. You must have Windows Media player on a PC or Flip4Mac WMV installed on a Mac to view the videos.

Video Presentations 

General Funding Options - All Programs (AZ Campus)

Financial Aid Podcasts

Credit Reports and You
Signing Up for Direct Deposit 
Student Payment Options

Blackboard Course- Financial Aid 101  (available to all incoming students)
We understand that the amount of information provided during orientation can be overwhelming and so to address this, we've set up this Blackboard course, accessible by logging in to your student portal, that we've aptly named, Financial Aid 101. The topics have been broken down into short, easily identified segments that all can access. Think of the left hand side of the page as your Table of Contents.  We hope that this information will be of great benefit to all new classes coming in!

For newly admitted students beginning in the 15-16 academic year, access to Blackboard course, Financial Aid 101 will begin after the first of the year (February time frame).  Please watch your Midwestern email for an access announcement.  

Applicants (incoming students who have paid their deposits but have NOT yet been enrolled by the Registrar's office) will see the Blackboard link in the Resources box as shown below:

Incoming students who have been enrolled by the Registrar's office will see the Blackboard link in the Resources box as well, as shown below: