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Osteopathic Medicine in Glendale

The Department of Physiology at MWU Glendale serves several healthcare programs including Osteopathic Medicine, Podiatric Medicine, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, Nurse Anesthesia, Dentistry, Optometry, Biomedical Science and Veterinary Medicine.  Four distinct physiology course sequences and an additional systems-based integrated course have been developed for these programs.  PHYS 1521 and 1532 provide a strong physiological foundation for the DO and Podiatry programs and include a survey of organ system function and dysfunction in health and disease with specific clinical applications.  PHYS 1501 and 1502 have been designed for students of Pharmacy and provide the physiological foundation that is required for the practice of Pharmacy.  PHYS 1571 and 1582 provide a strong corresponding foundation in physiology with clinical applications for the PA, PT, and NA programs.  PHYS 1512, 1522 and 1533 provide students in Veterinary Medicine with a detailed look at physiology with a strong focus on clinical correlations and cases.  The Dentistry and Optometry programs are served by a special sequence in which the basic sciences are integrated into a systems-based curriculum that includes physiology.

Faculty in the Department of Physiology at MWU-Glendale have diverse research interests including: the mechanisms by which arachidonic acid and its eicosanoid metabolites influence renal function; the action and mechanism(s) of action of the naturally occurring phytoestrogen, genistein, on both intestinal and vascular function; the metabolic, endocrine, and cardiac consequences of diabetes and exercise training; the mechanisms regulating tendon extracellular matrix in exercise and aging and the delineation of risk factors for tendon pathology; the role of caveolins in modulating insulin signaling; the effects of varying oxygen levels on animal physiology and evolution; the neurophysiology and evolution of vocal control; the identification of mechanisms controlling water loss in desert arthropods.  Physiology faculty mentor students in the Biomedical Sciences MS program along with DO and Veterinary Medicine students taking university-funded summer research electives.  The Department of Physiology at MWU-Glendale has a demonstrated commitment to promoting faculty research while providing students in diverse health professions the opportunity to conduct basic physiological research relevant to health and disease.

Physiology Department Courses

PHYS 1501: Human Physiology I (Pharmacy program, 3.0 credits)
PHYS 1502: Human Physiology II (Pharmacy program, 3.0 credits)

PHYS 1571: Human Physiology I  (PA, PT, NA, MBS, MA programs, 4.0 credits)
PHYS 1582: Human Physiology II (PA, PT, NA, MBS, MA programs, 4.0 credits)

PHYS 1521: Medical Physiology I (DO, POD programs, 5.5 credits)
PHYS 1532:
Medical Physiology II (DO, POD programs, 5.5 credits)

PHYS 1512: Veterinary Physiology I (CVM program, 3.0 credits)
PHYS 1522: Veterinary Physiology II (CVM program, 2.0 credits)
PHYS 1533: Veterinary Physiology III (CVM program, 5.0 credits)

BASI 1504 - 1508: Integrated courses for Dentistry & Optometry


Research Interests

Larry Alexander, PhD, Assistant Professor Arachidonic acid and renal function
Layla Al-Nakkash, PhD, Professor
Homepage for Dr. Al-Nakkash
Genistein and intestinal/vascular function
Tom Broderick, PhD, Professor Diabetes and exercise
Chad Carroll, PhD, Associate Professor Regulation of tendon extracellular matrix
Michael Quinlan, PhD, Associate Professor and Chair Arthropod water relations
Tobias Riede, DVM, PhD, Assistant Professor Neurophysiology of vocal control
Johana Vallejo-Elias, PhD, Associate Professor Caveolins and insulin signalling
John VandenBrooks, PhD, Assistant Professor Effects of oxygen on paleophysiology


Kathryn Arthur, Research Associate
Kathleen Billings, Administrative Coordinator
Lana Leung, Research Associate
Ross Potter, PhD, Laboratory Manager


Department of Physiology
Midwestern University
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19555 N. 59th Ave.
Glendale, AZ,  85308
Phone: 623-572-3662
Fax: 623-572-3673

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