Post Fieldwork Rotations

Upon completion of Level I and Level II fieldwork it is the student's responsibility to turn in the required assignments and evaluation forms.   An evaluation of the student's performance and an evaluation of the fieldwork experience are completed for each rotation.  Evaluation forms should be signed and dated by both the student and supervisor.  The original should be provided to the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator by the student. A copy should be maintained by the student and the fieldwork educator.

Student Process Following Completion Of Fieldwork 

The intent of Completion Day is to complete paperwork required for graduation. Representatives from the Financial Aid and Registrar's offices will meet with students and provide information needed for graduation.

Completion Day is also intended to facilitate sending the necessary forms from the University to the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) and the State of Illinois to apply for the NBCOT exam and Illinois licensure. These steps will be covered in detail on Completion Day.

The most current information for the NBCOT can be found at

The Illinois licensure application can be found at