More About the Program

Apply technology to the heart of medicine.

As a graduate of the MWU-Glendale program in cardiovascular science, you're eligible to take the certification exam in perfusion. Once certified, you may be self-employed or employed by private groups or hospitals and become involved in patient treatment, quality assurance, research, and design. Starting salaries range from $65,000 to $100,000.

At MWU-Glendale, you'll learn the technological services and skills to support or substitute for patient cardiopulmonary function during cardiac and cardiac related surgeries and procedures, such as; circulatory support, blood management and blood salvage, mechanical circulartory assist, heart and lung transplants, liver transplants, hyperthermic chemotherapy, isolated limb perfusion, artificial liver support and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. Clinical fieldwork in hospital settings with professional cardiovascular team members is part of your rigorous didactic and laboratory education.

You'll study under professional perfusionists, anesthesiologists, cardiac surgeons, and medical educators. And you'll experience the collaborative approach to 21st century health care practice when you work in consultation to select and operate appropriate techniques and equipment.

Learn more about cardiovascular science / perfusion as a career.