Neuropsychology Concentration

Clinical Psychology in Glendale

The Clinical Psychology Program offers a 5-year Neuropsychology Concentration that tailors the student’s program of study through elective courses, practice field experiences, and research and scientific inquiry to concentrate in the area of clinical neuropsychology. The Neuropsychology Concentration is based on the APA Division 40 and Houston Conference Guidelines with the goal of providing students with training that will serve as a foundation for internship and post-doctoral neuropsychology training. Students who are selected for the Neuropsychology Concentration will earn a degree in Clinical Psychology, which appears on all transcripts and diplomas. Students in the Clinical Psychology Program apply to the Neuropsychology Concentration in the first year of study; acceptance into the Program does not guarantee acceptance into the Concentration.

Neuropsychology Concentration Requirements:

1. Required Coursework

2. Two, year-long practica at Neuropsychology-based sites

3. Approved Dissertation on neuropsychology topic

4. Completion of Internship