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Department of Physiology


As faculty in the Department of Physiology at MWU, Glendale, we have the dual mission of providing exceptional physiology education and conducting high quality scientific research. We teach courses in human and veterinary physiology for students enrolled in several healthcare degree programs that are offered at MWU. Outside the classroom our diverse faculty research interests allow students in healthcare professions a valuable opportunity to engage in independent research activities that are relevant to physiological health and disease. We are committed to the highest standards of academic excellence in physiology instruction and scientific research to meet the educational needs of the healthcare community.



Research Interests

Layla Al-Nakkash, PhD, Professor
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Genistein and intestinal/vascular function
Tom Broderick, PhD, Professor
    Lab Homepage
Diabetes and exercise
Christopher Olson, PhD, Assistant Professor
    Lab Homepage
Vocal learning in songbirds
Michael Quinlan, PhD, Associate Professor and Chair
    Lab Homepage
Arthropod water relations
Ann Revill, PhD, Assistant Professor
    Lab Homepage
Neuromodulation of breathing
Tobias Riede, DVM, PhD, Assistant Professor
    Lab Homepage
Neurophysiology of vocal control
Johana Vallejo-Elias, PhD, Associate Professor
    Lab Homepage
Caveolins and insulin signalling
John VandenBrooks, PhD, Assistant Professor
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Effects of oxygen on paleophysiology


Kathleen Billings, Administrative Coordinator
Tatum Banayat, Research Assistant
Charles Schaefer, Research Assistant
Ross Potter, PhD, Laboratory Manager


Tenure track faculty position


Department of Physiology
Midwestern University
Agave Hall, Room 217
19555 N. 59th Ave.
Glendale, AZ,  85308
Phone: 623-572-3662
Fax: 623-572-3673

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