Research Projects

Pharmacy in Glendale

Currently, Nanomedicine COE-TCR has six (6) focus/primary multidisciplinary research areas (shared amongst respective investigators):

1-  Targeted mitochondrial nanomedicines for control of cancer bioenergetics and induction of apoptosis (Lead PIs: Weissig, Joshi and Elbayoumi)

2-   Nanoscale carriers of combination chemotherapy for treatment of multi-drug resistant tumors (Lead PIs: Elbayoumi, and Vinay Janthakahalli)

3-   Nano-biomaterials for chemotherapy of periodontal and oro-pharyngeal lesions (Lead PIs: Mitchell, Wang and Elbayoumi)

4-   Targeted anti-angiogenic/vascular nano-therapy of cancer (Lead PIs: Yao, Elbayoumi, and Hull)

5-   Translational skin cancer chemo-protection and chemo-sensitization via cutaneous nano-composites Lead PIs: Elbayoumi, Hull, and Averitte)

Active research projects in this area:

Furthermore, each Nanomedicine-COE investigator's laboratory is also pursuing other independed nanoscale research projects/areas, as follows:

Dr. V. Weissig's Laboratory:
1- Nanoliposome-based treatment of amyloid protein toxicity" (Collaboration with Dr. Raymond Migrino, VA Hospital Phoenix, AZ).