Frequently Asked Questions about the Doctor of Health Science (DHS) Program

Doctor of Health Science (DHS) Program in Downers Grove

I. What are the general admissions requirements for the DHS Program

II. How does an applicant without a Master's degree or higher demonstrate mastery of content equivalent to a Master's degree?

III. How does the DHS degree differ from other doctoral degrees?

IV. When are DHS courses offered?

V. What emphasis areas are currently available within the DHS degree program?

VI. What are the components of the DHS curriculum?

VII. What is the DHS scholarship requirement?

VIII. Do DHS students have to be continuously enrolled in the DHS program?

Students do not need to be continuously enrolled as long as the student's enrollment is consistent with the student's approved individualized plan of study. The time limit for completing the DHS program is 7 years. In collaboration with a faculty advisor, each student creates an individualized curricular plan. The curricular plan identifies:

IX. Is fieldwork required?