Fieldwork Performance

Satisfactory Performance

Students are required to conduct themselves professionally and obtain a passing grade on the AOTA Fieldwork Performance Evaluation (FWPE) at midterm and at the end of their rotation. Each assignment in a fieldwork experience is an important measure of competency in the practice of occupational therapy. Therefore, it is important that students complete all assignments and requirements of the site. It is expected that students may spend several hours outside of fieldwork to complete assignments or other site requirements.

Unsatisfactory Performance

If a student has concerns about their performance, it is their responsibility to contact the Academic Fieldwork Coordinators.  If a student is at risk of failing a fieldwork experience, the fieldwork educator/supervisor should call the Academic Fieldwork Coordinators immediately to inform the program of the student's status. The Fieldwork Educator should document the behavior, a plan of remediation, and the result. A Learning Contract may be utilized for this purpose.  The decision to terminate an affiliation is based on the assessment of: 1) the student's difficulties and the potential to remain in the fieldwork setting without being disruptive to patient care; 2) the student's response to supervisory feedback; and 3) the student's potential to change skills, judgments, and/or professional behaviors to successfully complete the fieldwork rotation in a reasonable amount of time.

If a student fails a Level II fieldwork course, the process of Academic Review as documented in the University Catalog will be implemented. If the student repeats a fieldwork course, the student will re-register for the same course during the next quarter the course is offered.

Incomplete in Fieldwork

Students receiving an INCOMPLETE as a grade for fieldwork are not required to pay tuition during the quarter when the INCOMPLETE is removed. However, the student must pay fees, notify the MWU Registrar and financial aid departments, and assume responsibility for any additional expenses incurred due to the extended time frame.


Students are required to attend all scheduled days, meetings and/or rounds associated with the fieldwork rotation. This schedule may include evenings, weekends, or holidays. If the rotation requires or recommends students to participate in additional activities, the student is expected to do so. Part-time jobs or extracurricular activities are not acceptable excuses for absences. All students MUST notify the Academic Fieldwork Coordinators AND the Fieldwork Educators if they are going to be absent at any time from a rotation. All students are expected to be in daily attendance throughout each rotation unless prior arrangements have been made with their Fieldwork Educator AND the Academic Fieldwork Coordinators. Unexcused tardiness and absences from a rotation may jeopardize a student's success in completing fieldwork.

Due to the minimum number of weeks required for fieldwork, students will be required to make up all time missed due to illness or emergencies. If there are any questions regarding making up time, please contact the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator. Students who do not complete experiential time requirements for Fieldwork I or II are at risk for failing those courses.

Leaves of Absence

Any discontinuation of Level II fieldwork because of withdrawal, failure, or any other reason, must be requested formally as a leave of absence (see MWU Student Handbook). 

Time Limit for Completion of Coursework

The curriculum for the Master of Occupational Therapy degree is a continuous, full-time program, extending 27 months from matriculation to graduation. The maximum allotted time for completion of this program is 40.5 months. It is also required that all Level II fieldwork must be completed within 18 months of completion of the didactic portion of the program.