Departments: Behavioral Sciences (Psychiatry)

Osteopathic Medicine in Downers Grove

It was Hippocrates, the father of medicine, who was quoted as saying, "One must know of the person who has the disease as much as one must know of the disease the person has." Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, in the Hippocratic tradition, emphasized and expanded the integration of structure and function. The Behavioral Sciences curriculum provides the coursework and clerkship that builds the foundation for the practice of whole-person medicine. An emphasis is placed upon the importance of treating each patient in the context of that individual's unique biopsychosocial matrix.

1501 Psychiatry I and II
This module presents the philosophical foundations of psychiatry. Although various models of mind are presented, the biopsychosocial is the one that most closely approximates the holistic concept. However, the ideas of leading thinkers from various disciplines are presented to demonstrate the diversity of opinions that influence our psychiatric thinking.

1503 Psychiatry III
This module introduces psychopathology with descriptive, dynamic, and behavioral analyses of typical psychiatric syndromes. Emphasis is on etiology, diagnosis, and treatment. The use of the DSM-IV as the major diagnostic reference is presented.

1604 Psychiatry IV
Major issues and problems that patients will confront, including eating, sexual, sleeping disorders, as well as issues involving death, dying, grief, suicide, homicide, and forensic psychiatry, are presented at the beginning of the second year of study. Laboratory testing and imaging are also discussed.

1605 Psychiatry V
This module focuses on various types of therapies: individual, couple, family, group, pharmacologic, and electroconvulsive.

1702 Psychiatry Rotation
Working on hospital wards and outpatient clinics, the student experiences direct patient contact under the supervision of attending psychiatrists. This experience integrates previous learning with clinical practice. Conferences, seminars, lectures, and demonstrations facilitate this process.