Departments: Ophthalmology

Osteopathic Medicine in Downers Grove

Section Director: Richard F. Multack, D.O.

The Section provides seniors with a practical introduction to diseases of the eye, a review of the anatomy and physiology of the eye, and a review of surgical procedures.

Elective Clerkship in Ophthalmology
This rotation introduces students to the diseases of the eye. Students are expected to master a series of competencies, which includes learning the anatomy, physiology, embryology, and pathophysiology of the eye; ophthalmic pharmacology; the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the eye; the nuances of pre- and post-operative eye care; and the application of osteopathic manipulative medicine to the eye. Primarily, students learn the eye diseases commonly seen in family practice. Students planning to specialize in other areas, such as ER/facial max surgery or ophtho, must attend all didactic presentations. During the two-week rotation, the department presents eight didactic lectures. Additional lectures are scheduled throughout the general surgery rotation. When possible, students are also expected to participate in bimonthly neuro-ophthalmology conferences, journal club, and special lectures. On the last rotation day, the Department gives a written test and evaluation of the program. All CCOM students receive instruction on the principles of examination and therapy for common ophthalmologic diseases during their Introduction to Clinical Medicine course.