Departments: Pathology

Osteopathic Medicine in Downers Grove

Chair: John Kasimos, D.O.

By focusing on the human body as an integrated system, the study of pathology provides students with an understanding of the pathophysiologic mechanisms of disease while familiarizing them with the vast spectrum of human disease processes encountered through an organ system approach. It initiates students to critical clinical analysis by demonstrating the relationships between basic scientific principles and the practice of clinical medicine and emphasizing the integration of these principles into the study of human disease. This approach provides students with a complete overview of disease processes in relation to their genetic, pathophysiologic, anatomic, histologic, and cellular alterations. Students will develop skills necessary to interpret and incorporate laboratory data in diagnosing and treating the spectrum of illness. The relationships of the mechanisms and characteristics of human disease to osteopathic principles and practice are emphasized.

PATHD 1601 Pathology I

PATHD 1602, 1603 Pathology II and III