Departments: Radiology

Osteopathic Medicine in Downers Grove

601 Radiology
Imaging techniques are becoming increasingly important in the diagnosis of many patient problems. This course is designed to increase the medical students' understanding of the basic elements of radiology so that, as physicians, they can effectively utilize the current technologies as well as the consultant services offered by radiologists. After completion of this course, the students possess an understanding of the basic physics of radiation and are able to both accurately interpret common radiographic findings and demonstrate an understanding of indications of the various radiologic studies.

Elective Clerkship in Radiology
Elective courses in radiology are available during the second, third, and fourth years of medical school. The elective courses are geared toward enhancing the participants' ability to understand and utilize the technologies as appropriate to the level of medical education. During the first two years, the course will emphasize the imaging modalities available and basic radiologic physics. Participants in the senior clerkship will be expected to identify and apply basic radiologic physics, describe and apply the practical aspects of radiology, and correctly use the fundamental diagnostic signs in radiology. They will also, in a clinical setting, display their mastery of image analysis by selecting the views that are most appropriate for a particular examination, distinguish between technically satisfactory and unsatisfactory examinations, formulate valid conclusions from analysis of radiographs, and identify normal and abnormal anatomic structures on a radiograph.