Postdoctoral Programs: Radiology

Osteopathic Medicine in Downers Grove

The five-year, AOA-accredited residency in diagnostic radiology at The Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine is dedicated to training well qualified osteopathic physicians to become competent diagnostic radiologists. Our excellent case load, favorable faculty-to-resident ratio, access to state-of-the-art imaging equipment, and proximity to some of the nation's foremost medical institutions help our residents gain a solid education in radiology.

Our graduating residents share success in securing placement in the medical community and fellowship programs. Past residents have obtained fellowship positions at the University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, University of Illinois, George Washington University, Rush University, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, Beaumont University of Southern California, Children's Memorial and Women's Brigham Hospital.

Program Information

The St. James Hospital and Health Centers are the primary teaching hospitals for the Diagnostic Radiology Residency Training Program. With over 500 beds campus-wide the hospitals are located in the south Chicago suburbs comfortably within five miles of each other. Residents gain additional training at local outpatient centers, as well as our affiliate institutions: University of Illinois Hospital, Children’s Memorial Hospital, and Resurrection Medical Center.

During the OGME-1 year, the intern is introduced to the department through a three-month introduction to radiology plus a one month elective in Radiology. Specific reading assignments are also designed to prepare the intern for integration into the academic rotations.

Rotations are composed of twelve one-month blocks annually, adhering to the standards prescribed by the American Osteopathic College of Radiology (AOCR). OGME-2 rotations emphasize fundamentals and common examinations in plain radiography, fluoroscopy, CT, and ultrasound in preparation for in-house call. Your clinical training will cover all subspecialty areas of diagnostic radiology. You will participate in radiological examinations, interpretations, and interventional procedures while on rotations in every subspecialty.

As the resident advances, more emphasis is placed upon more complicated and advanced aspects of radiology, including special procedures. Residents gain their required three-month pediatric radiology experience at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago during their OGME-3 and OGME-4 years. Formal training in nuclear medicine is performed at The University of Illinois Medical Center for a total of six required months. OGME-4 residents also spend four weeks in Washington, D.C., at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology radiology-pathology course.

Residents are required to conduct one original research project during their residency. The abstract is due at the end of the OGME-3 year of training, with the poster summarizing the results due by the OGME-3 year of training to be presented at the designated annual conference of the AOCR.

Residents participate in daily noon attending-directed conference, as well as other resident-directed conferences, including bi-monthly grand rounds. In addition, residents participate in weekly tumor board, monthly clinical-pathologic conference, monthly journal club, and surgery conference, as assigned. Residents also play an important role in teaching medical students performing radiology clerkships in the department.

There are numerous resources for radiology residents, including an extensive department library of textbooks and learning materials. Residents also have complete access to the Midwestern University Library system, including online reference tools and databases.


The following subspecialty curriculum is offered to our residents, as prescribed by the American Osteopathic College of Radiology.

Course Duration
General Diagnostic Radiology 14 months
Chest 3 months
GI 3 months
GU 2 month
Musculoskeletal 3 months
Mammography 3 months
Radiology Physics (at University of Illinois Medical Center) TBD
Nuclear Medicine (at Univeristy of Illinois Medical Center) 4 months
Pediatric Radiology (at Children's Memorial Hospital) 3 months
Cardiovasulcar / Interventional (at Resurrection Medical Center) 3 months
Neuroradiology 4 months
Diagnostic Ultrasound 3 months
Computed Tomography 3 months
Magnetic Resonance Imaging 3 months
Cardiac Radiology 1 month
Emergency Radiology 2 months
AFIP 1 month
Elective 6.5 months

Resident Call

After a six-month period of 'short-call' with a junior or senior resident, residents begin independent night-call in January of their OGME-2 year. The on-call resident serves as consultant to the hospital from 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM on weekdays. The resident is in-house at the Olympia Fields Campus, with coverage of the Chicago Heights campus via tele-radiology. An on-call attending radiologist is always available for consultation via tele-radiology if necessary.

Affiliated Training Institutions

Outpatient centers supplement our inpatient experience, providing additional exposure to mammography and musculoskeletal imaging. The variety of clinical settings helps to prepare the resident for both the diversification and specialization available in a career in radiology.

How to Apply

The Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program at the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine provides Combined AOA Internship/Residency (OGME-1 Preliminary) positions through the AOA Match (National Matching Services).

AOA Program Number: 126349

Applications are accepted through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service).


Michael Wilczynski, D.O., Director of Resident Programs

Gina Santiago, Radiology Program Coordinator
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