Pharm.D. Curriculum & Sample Block Schedules

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During the first professional years in the program, students complete required courses, elective courses, and introductory pharmacy practice experiences. The final professional year transitions into experiential learning at diverse clinical rotation sites.

New Curriculum

The complete sequences of all required courses, effective Fall 2019:

Three-Year Pharm.D. Curriculum - Accelerated Graduation Option (effective Fall 2019) - limited seats available

Three-and-a-Half-Year Pharm.D. Curriculum - Standard Graduation  (effective Fall 2019)

For a summary of the differences and similarities between the two curricula, please review the Comparison of Three- vs. Three-and-a-Half-Year Curricula

Sample Block Schedules

Each class of pharmacy students follows the same schedule of courses each quarter, also known as a "block schedule." With this system, the University will enroll students in their required courses on the days and times they are offered. There is no option to create a custom schedule of required courses.

In the second and third professional years in the program, students may sign up for elective courses of their choice (subject to availability) in addition to their required courses.

To better understand how block schedules work, please click on the links below to see previous quarters' schedules for the current three-and-a-half-year curriculum. In the coming year, additional links will be added for the second and third professional years. (The block schedules for the three-year curriculum are not yet available.) These block schedules reflect the current Three-and-a-Half-Year Pharm.D. Curriculum (began Fall 2016).

Please note: Quarterly block schedules are subject to change each year for each class. The following are posted for informational purposes only.

3.5-Year Curriculum  (Began in Fall 2016)

First Professional Year:
Fall Quarter
Winter Quarter
Spring Quarter

Second Professional Year:
Fall Quarter
Winter Quarter
Spring Quarter

Course Descriptions

Courses for the three-year curriculum and three-and-a-half-year curriculum are identical.

Required Courses
Elective Courses - Must complete at least eight hours of elective coursework.

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