Clinical Education


Welcome to the Downers Grove Physical Therapy Program Clinical Education Resource Page. The following resources are provided to assist you in developing and conducting quality clinical education experiences for our DPT students.

If you have any questions feel free to contact  Sarah Keller, Co-Director of Clinical Education.


The Clinical Education Manual was developed as a resource for all interested stakeholders in the clinical education program for the DPT students at Midwestern University, Downers Grove Campus. This manual is the primary resource for the Physical Therapy Program's clinical education sites. It consists not only of information regarding the clinical education component of the curriculum, but also provides an overview of Midwestern University's mission and philosophy, the objectives of the Physical Therapy academic program, and an introduction to the Physical Therapy Program Faculty.

The Clinical Education Manual is published for the convenience of students and clinical education faculty at Midwestern University (MWU). It is intended to be effective as of March 1, 2014. Midwestern University reserves the right to make changes in any or all specifications contained herein and to apply such revision to registered and accepted students as well as to new admissions. No contractual rights between Midwestern University and any student are intended and none may be deemed to be created by issuance of this manual.

This manual will be provided to all physical therapy program sites via our Midwestern University web page in a downloadable format and will be updated every 3-5 years in order to remain current in the ever changing field of physical therapy education and practice. For all who use this manual, we welcome your feedback and questions.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation in the clinical education of Midwestern University DPT students. Your commitment to clinical education at all levels (Facility Administrator, CCCE, and CI) is greatly appreciated and enables you to impact the future of our profession. As a result of your expertise, students return to the classroom after Practica I and II with increased clinical knowledge and skills. During Practica III and IV your expertise moves the students toward entry-level performance as they acquire new insight into the realities of the physical therapy profession while achieving additional clinical skills and significant professional growth. We are aware of the time and energy required to supervise a physical therapy student and thank you for sharing your skills, your commitment, and your service to the physical therapy profession.

 Faculty & Staff


Email Address


Deborah Anderson, PT, Ed.D., PCS
Associate Program Director & Associate Professor


Donna Cech, PT, DHS, PCS
Program Director & Professor


Christine Conroy, PT, DPT, MHS
Associate Professor


Teri Elliott-Burke, PT, MHS, WCS
Assistant Professor & Academic Clinic Coordinator


Christian Evans, PT, Ph.D.


Kathy Hall, PT, Ed.D.
Associate Professor


Timothy A. Hanke, PT, Ph.D.
Associate Professor


Janet Odry Helminski, PT, Ph.D.


Judith Burton Hess, PT, DHS, OCS, Cert.DN
Assistant Professor


Kent E. Irwin, PT, DHS, MS, GCS
Assistant Professor


Sarah Keller, PT, DPT, NCS
Instructor & Co-Director of Clinical Education


Joseph Krzak, PT, PhD, PCS
Assistant Professor


Janey Prodoehl, PT, PhD
Associate Professor


Support Staff

Cathy Pratscher
Administrative Coordinator


Jill Podolski
Administrative Assistant