IL Institutional Scholarship Listing

This listing is for informational purposes only.  You apply for these scholarships through your student portal. > Financial Services > Other > Institutional Scholarships

Scholarship Name

MWU Spirit of Service Award
CCOM Alumni Association Merit Scholarship
CCOM International Scholarship
CCOM Student Scholarship
CCOM Student Scholarship - First Year
CCOM Alumni Reunion Student Scholarship
Dr. Bissell Scholarship
Kristian S. Burkland Student Scholarship
Rebecca and George Caleel Scholarship
Kenneth W. DeByle, D.O. Student Scholarship
Leonard L. Dunworth, D.O., FACOS and Mary Jane Dunworth Student Scholarship
Harold Lee Hakes, Ph.D., J.D. Memorial Scholarship
Frederick E. Hecker, D.O. and Robert R. Magliocco, D.O. Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Abbas Othman Jibril Scholarship
Norman J. Larson D.O. Memorial Scholarship
Paul S. McCord D.O. Memorial Scholarship
Dr. David Monash Memorial Scholarship
Phyllis Player Memorial Scholarship
Dennis A. Reter, D.O. Student Scholarship
Sachedina/Lichtenberger Scholarship Fund
Michael B. Tierney, D.O. and Cynthia W. Tierney, BSN, RN Student Scholarship
Welch Scholars Grant

While not a scholarship, we also administer the Dunning Loan program at the same time. 

Due Date:

      March 2, 2018       Application deadline - cycle closes at 4:00 PM CT  

We highly recommend completion of the Financial Aid Application process early to allow for processing of your scholarship application(s) so that financial need can be evaluated and FAFSA data received by March 2nd, 2018, 4:00 pm CT.  The Financial Aid Application process is completed each year through our secure MWUNET "Financial Services" tab.