Loan Repayment Resources

We have partnered with Paul Garrard, Founder and President of PGPresents, an independent student loan consulting company, to provide loan repayment services to graduates.  Mr. Garrard is a thirty-year veteran of higher education and student financial aid and is considered by many to be the number one educational debt management expert in the nation, especially when it comes to helping health professions graduates manage their student loans.  He works with thousands of health professions graduates helping them choose repayment strategies to meet their career, personal and financial goals.  The services are offered at no additional charge to all Midwestern University Class of 2018 graduates, and will include the following:

Loan Repayment Videos (All Programs):

Program Specific Resources: 

 Dental Medicine          

Osteopathic Medicine


Additional Loan Repayment Resources (All Programs):

Debt Management Listserv (DML)

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