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Nurse Anesthesia Graduate, CRNA Class of 2018
College of Health Sciences

Hometown: Camarillo, California 
Undergraduate degree: University of Utah College of Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Why Did You Decide to Attend Midwestern University?

I did a lot of research about what makes a Nurse Anesthetist program successful and ultimately it came down to the type of clinical experience I would be exposed to. Midwestern was an easy choice because it is a program that averages more than double the required anesthetic cases during clinical education. The clinical sites are located in more than 10 different states nationwide, including multiple sites within the state of Arizona. This gives me the opportunity to travel to different clinical settings while enjoying a diverse learning experience.

What Made You Want to Be a Nurse Anesthetist?

I wanted to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist because it is a profession that will enable me to be fully autonomous in my practice and provide me with flexibility. Having autonomy allows me to practice independently in a variety of fields in and out of the operating room including: interventional pain management, endoscopy suites, cardiology, pediatrics, and many more. As a Nurse Anesthetist, I can have flexible scheduling and work hours. For example, I could be an employee at a hospital or be an independent contractor and make my own schedule, or even a combination of both. I love the flexibility this career provides me. 

What Do You Enjoy Most About Being a Student at Midwestern University?

Other than the beautiful sunny weather all year round, I enjoy the quality of education I have received. I have learned physiology, anatomy, and biochemistry from professors who have received their degree in their respected fields. The anesthesia core classes have also provided me with high-quality lab experiences including, but not limited to: an intimate learning environment with three students per teacher, hands on learning by using an x-ray machine to place spinal injection on cadavers, and real life simulation scenarios.

Reed Whittington is a 2018 graduate of the College of Health Sciences at Midwestern University's Glendale (AZ) Campus.