Research Facilities

Dr. Elbayoumi's Laboratory (Located at 214 Cholla Hall + 111-B Foothills Science Center)

  • Labconco FreeZone 4.5 Freeze Dryer (12-ports)...  Dpt. Core
  • Agilent Cary-630 Fourier Transform InfraRed (FTIR) Spectrometer...  Dpt. Core
  • Agilent Cary-60 UV-Visible Spectrometer...  Dpt. Core
  • ViscoLead Pro-L Rheometer/Viscometer (liquids)
  • Scilogex RE100-Pro Rotary Evaporator
  • Lipex T10-High Pressure Extruder (Northern Lipids)
  • Emulsiflex-B15 Highpressure Homogenizer (Avestin)
  • Qsonica XL2000-Probe Sonicator (N 2-infused)
  • Permegear Franz Diffusion Cell Apparatus
  • Varian VK7000 Dissolution Testing Apparatus (USP-2) ...  Dpt. Core
  • TPD-0 Single-stage Tablet Press
  • Gowe CS-4 Tablet Friability Tester
  • Extech Digital Force Gauge/Tester
  • Brookfields CT3-TA Texture Analyzer
  • Flowcytomerter (FACS Calibur)...  Dpt. Core
  • Nikon Eclipse 800 Epi-Fluroscence/Brightfield Microscope with Kodak RT-slider Camera ...  Dpt. Core
  • Olympus IX70 Fluorescence Inverted Microscope with Infinity 3-1C Camera...  Dpt. Core
  • Nikon  SMZ-2B/NightSea Fluorescence Stereoscopic Microscope with MD-130 Video Camera
  • M500 Cross-Polarizing Microscope
  • Tritech microinjector & Narishige micromanipulator.
  • Innovenso-NS1 Nano-Electrospinning System
  • Form 2 (High Resolution Stereolithography/SLA) 3D Resin Desktop Printer
  • RC1-Rodent Anesthesia Machine...  Dpt. Core
  • Ami-X Integrated Multi-Spectral (FL/NIR/LU/X-ray) Optical Imaging Platform for small animals...  Dpt. Core

Dr. Joshi's Laboratory (Located at 205 Centennial Hall Research Laboratory)

  • Particle size analyser: Zetasizer Nano Malvern UK
  • Freeze Dryer: Virtis Advantage, UK
  • Agilent 1200 High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with UV and Fluorescence Detector, USA
  • Ultracentrifuge, Optima Max-XP, Beckman, USA
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter: AutoQ2000 TA instruments, New Castel, USA
  • UV-Visible Spectrometer, Cintra 20, GBC Scientific Equipment Ltd
  • Electronic Analytical balance: Metler Toledo, USA
  • Viscometers, Cannon Series 2000, USA
  • Rotavapor: Buchi, Germany
  • High pressure extruder: Lipex, Canada
  • Probe Sonicator
  • Bath Sonicator
  • Franz Diffusion Cell for skin permeation studies
  • Dissolution Testing Apparatus USP, Agilent, 708DS, USA
  • Multimode plate reader, DTX 880, Beckman, USA

Dr. Weissig 's Laboratory

(Located at 218 Cholla Hall Research Laboratories)

  • PerkinElmer 2030 Victor X Multilabel Reader
  • Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS
  • AccuSpin Micro 17 / 17R  
  • Welch Self-Cleaning Dry Vacuum System  
  • Fisher Scientific Model 100 Ultrasonic Dismembrator  
  • Thermo Scientific Savant SPD121P SpeedVac Concentrator
  • Countess II and Countess II FL Automated Cell Counters  
  • Agilent -1260 Infinity HPLC System with auto sampler and UV/Fluorescence detector ... Dpt. Core
  • Yamato- Rotary evaporator and water bath   
  • Sorvall Super T21 refrigerated centrifuge  
  • Fisher Scientific- Ultrasonic Bath  
  • Bio-Rad -Mini-Protean Tetra Cell electrophoresis module  
  • Bio-Rad -Mini Trans-Blot Electrophoretic Transfer Cell  
  • Milli-Q Advantage A10 Water Purification System ... Dpt. Core

Dr. Mitchell's Laboratory

(Located at 314 Gelndale Hall + 108 Foothills Science Center)

  • Site information under update

Dr. Hull's Laboratory

(Located at 202 Cactus Wren Hall + 128 Foothills Science Center)

  • Site information under update

Dr. Yao's Laboratory

(Located at 214 Cholla Hall + 111-B Foothills Science Center)

  • DMT multi wire myograph system - 620M
  • Radnoti 4-channel organ bath system
  • WPI four-channel free radical analyzer for  in vivo,  ex vivo and  in vitro setting
  • Harvard IH-SR isolated Langerdorff heart perfusion system small rodents (mouse, rat, guinea pig)
  • Animal temperature control system for small animal surgery

Dr. Janthakahalli's Laboratory

(Located at 141 Foothills Science Center)

  • Site information under update

Dr. Wong's Laboratory

(Located at 340 Cactus Wren Building)

  • Site information under update

Dr. Gasiorowski's Laboratory

(Located at 340 Science Hall Research Building)

  • Site information under update


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