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Alumni Associations

The Midwestern Alumni Network provides opportunities for collaboration and interaction among graduates from all of MWU's colleges and programs.



Explore Glendale Arizona

Check out this page for countless exciting and fun things to do around the Midwestern University Glendale campus

CCO Preceptor Resources

We value the relationships we have with our preceptors. As such, we have numerous resources available to help you make the most of your time with our students, as well as several offered to enhance your professional career. Whether you are new to working with pharmacy students from Midwestern University, or a long-time partner of ours, bookmark this page, so it's handy when you need it.


CCO Newsletters

Occupational Therapy as a Career

As an occupational therapist, you are trained to provide treatment and services that help individuals of all regain, develop, or master everyday skills

Vital Signs Archive

Vital Signs is a quarterly periodical publication with news and updates from Midwestern University's faculty, staff, and students.


COVID-19 and Pregnancies: What We Know

Researchers Call for Additional Studies on Viral Pathology for Mothers, Newborns


Midwestern University Allocates 100% of CARES Act Funds to Students

In response to the challenges posed by the ongoing COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, Midwestern University will earmark 100% of an estimated $2.25 million in relief funds apportioned to the University by recently-passed Federal legislation to support the nearly 7,000 healthcare professions students enrolled at its campuses in Downers Grove, Illinois, and Glendale, Arizona.

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