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Healthcare Innovation

Students at Midwestern University study and live in the comfort and safety of the suburbs while being part of a major metropolitan area in both Downers Grove, Illinois and Glendale, Arizona.

From the President

Midwestern University administration, faculty, and staff are committed to preparing our students to be skilled healthcare providers in the future.

Safety and Security

The Office of Safety and Security is devoted to keeping our campuses and students safe throughout their tenure at Midwestern University

Protocols for University Community

Protocols for University Community

Investigators and Personnel

If you need to connect with a member of the Midwestern University College of Pharmacy at Glendale, see this page for any and all information

Virtual PharmAcademy

This program offers a fun and comprehensive learning experience about the diverse career paths in pharmacy from expert pharmacy faculty and researchers.

Prospective Preceptors

By becoming one of our preceptors, it is a chance to shape the future of our optometric clinicians as well as build your own network of potential associates


Please have your physician complete and sign the Student Health Status Form. Submit the completed form to the Office of Student Services.

Optometry as a Career

As an optometrist, you are trained to provide care by examining people's eyes to diagnose vision issues, test depth/color perception, and coordinate the eyes.

41 of 50 of 99 results

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