Safety and Security Staff

Midwestern University Safety and Security Staff

MWU Safety and Security Personnel on Downers Grove Campus consist of MWU Officers/Securitas Officers. MWU Officers are in house and Securitas Officers are contract.

1st Shift

Assistant Director Carlos Sanchez (630)515-7402
Officer Donna Ploski Security Officer
Officer Gregory Novak (630)743-4968
(Securitas) Littlejohn Hall (Library) Officer
(Securitas) Parking Garage Officer
(Securitas) Patrol Officer

2nd Shift

James L. Terrell Jr., Supervisor (630)515-6250
Officer Dennis Tate
Officer Eldridge Taylor (630)515-7111
Officer Scott Youchison (630)515-7461
Clinic Officer Michael Graham (630)743-4968
(Securitas) at the Littlejohn Hall (Library)
 (Securitas)  Wellness/Recreation Hall
(Securitas) Patrol


3rd Shift

Patricia Bailey, Supervisor                                        
(630) 515-7231
Officer Jose Ibarra
(630) 515-7111
Officer Daryl Gutierrez (630) 515-7111
(Securitas) Patrol


 Swing Shift

Earl McGhee, Supervisor                                                                                                              
Officer Robert Price
(Securitas) Swing Partrol Officer