Sudhindra R. Gadagkar, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Biomedical Sciences Program
Cactus Wren 306-D
Midwestern University
19555 N 59th Ave.,
Glendale AZ 85308

623-572-3855 (O)
623-537-6398 (L)
623-572-3647 (Fax)


Ph.D. (Biology) Dalhousie University, Canada
M.F.Sc. (Statistics) University of Agricultural Sciences, India
B.F.Sc.  (Fisheries Science) University of Agricultural Sciences, India


My research focus is on using quantitative and computational tools and techniques in understanding biology from an evolutionary perspective. When coupled with my background in statistics this has allowed me to indulge in a somewhat wide area of research, ranging from using simulation to understand molecular evolution and phylogenetics; writing computer programs to improve and make freely available computational statistical tests; investigate the evolution of coding and non-coding regions of the genome; investigate the incredible diversity of the plant genus Impatiens (with over 1000 species) that takes on added significance as its only sister genus, Hydrocera has exactly one species; and collaborate with a variety of colleagues to whose research I contribute in the areas of molecular evolution and phylogenetics, computational techniques and statistics. The tools I use encompass empirical, analytical and bioinformatic approaches. 


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