Research Projects

Nano-scale Pharmaceutics and Bioenginering Laboratory

Research Projects

Project I: Neutralization of adriamycin-induced cadiotoxicity via mitochondria-targeted modulator-loaded nanocarriers.

Project II: Mitochondria-specific targeted nanocarriers for rescue of oxidatively-damaged ischemic cardio-vascular tissues, to abrogate apoptosis and autophagy-dependent reperfusion injury.

Project III: Novel pro-apoptotic genistein-loaded lipidic nano-vesicles for anti-cancer chemotherapy, for resistant solid tumors over-expressing Pgp-efflux pump.

Project IV: Engineering of partially/block polymerized liposome formulations (polysomes), for efficient encapsulation and delivery of macro-molecules (e.g. siRNA and proteins) into target cancers and cardiovascular thrombi.

Project V: Mitochondriotropic anticancer nanomedicines: drug/carrier design optimization and enhancement of in vitro / in vivo efficacy of mitochondria-specific flavonoid-loaded lipidic as adjuvants for anticancer chemotherapy.

Project VI: Development and in vitro/in vivo efficacy assessment of trans-dermal lipidic nanocarriers with vitamin E-matrix for combination chemotherapy for malignant skin melanomas and carcinomas plus chemo-prevention of photo-carcinogensis.

Project VII: Prototype development of lipo-polymeric muco-adhesive oral gel/buccal solid tablet and fast dissolving film delivery platforms for controlled localized delivery of anticancer compounds against tongue and pharyngeal carcinoma lesions.


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