Downers Grove, IL Campus

Test Taking Procedures

Glendale, AZ Campus

This policy applies to tests or exams which are administered by Colleges/Programs outside of the University Testing Center.

All personal belongings should be placed in a secure area outside the room or in an area designated by the instructor/proctor. Only items required by the instructors/proctors should be in sight on the desk.
During the exam; 1) brimmed hats (e.g. baseball hats) should be worn backwards (or not at all); 2) any other hat or headgear worn should allow for observation of the ears, unless if worn for religious purposes; 3) no sunglasses or mirrored glasses may be worn; 4) any electronic devices, unless used for medical purposes, must be left with personal belongings and must be set to operate in "silent" mode. Only college-approved calculators (without covers) may be used for exams.

All students must stop responding to exam questions when the end of the exam period is announced. Faculty will assess a grading penalty to students who continue to work if so described in the course syllabus. Students must turn in all exam materials before leaving the exam room. Portions of the exam may be returned at a later time depending on the policy of the instructor.

The proctors are obligated to provide verbal warnings prior to moving a student to another seat if: 1) a student appears to be gazing at another student's work; 2) a student appears to be talking or signaling answers; 3) a student neglects to protect his/her answer sheet from view of other students; or 4) a student is sitting near a student who is gazing at their work. Such interventions are not of a personal nature. To avoid such interventions, all students are required to keep their eyes on their own work, shield their work from the view of others, and otherwise avoid any appearance of suspicious behavior.

Allegations of cheating will be submitted to the Dean of Students for investigation in accordance with the Student Judicial Process as outlined in Appendix Two, Section Four of the Student Handbook.