Thomas B. Virden III, Ph.D., ABPP


Midwestern University
College of Health Sciences
Clinical Psychology
Ocotillo 209-4
19555 N 59th Ave
Glendale, AZ  85308

Office:  (623) 572-3868


BS Psychology Lake Superior State University 1992
MA Psychology Northern Arizona University 1995
Ph.D. Experimental Psychology Western Michigan University 1998
Respecialization Clinical Psychology Arizona School of Professional Psychology 2005
Board Certification Clinical Psychology American Board of Professional Psychology 2015


As a clinical psychologist with a background in research design and statistical analysis, I find myself on a wide variety of research teams.  While my primary interests include chronic pain, psychopharmacology, and survey design, my upcoming publications involve the treatment of hoarding disorder for elders and the quality of life and executive functioning among individuals with Marfan disorder.  

My publications include:

Bell, L., Virden, T.B., Lewis, D.J., & Cassidy, B.A. (2015). Effects of 13-hour-20-minute work shifts on law enforcement officer's sleep, cognitive abilities, health, quality of life and work performance: The Phoenix Study.  Police Quarterly, 18(3), 293-337. DOI:10.1177/1098611115584910.

Burns, S.M., Smith, J.M. & Virden, T.B. (2015).  Reducing costs:  What do hospitals gain from hiring clinical students?  Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 5(5), 82-87.  DOI:  10.5430/jnep.v5n5p82.  

Krigbaum, G., Amin, K., Virden, T.B., Baca, L. & Uribe, A. (2012). A pilot study of the sensitivity and specificity analysis of the Standard-Spanish Version of the Culture-Fair Assessment of Neuro-Cognitive Abilities (CANA) & the Examen Cognoscitivo Mini-Mental (ECM-M) with population from the Dominican Republic. Applied Neuropsychology, 19(1), 53-60.  

Coplan, B., Essary, A.C., Virden, T.B., Cawley, J. & Stoehr, J.D. (2012).  Salary discrepancies between practicing male and female physician assistants.  Women's Health Issues, 22(1), pe83-pe89.

My most recent abstracts and presentations are:

Baylow, H.E., Ratiu, I., Esfandiarei, M., Virden, T., & Bhargava, R. (2017). Dysphagia and voice symptoms in patients with Marfan Syndrome. Poster presented at the Annual Symposium of the Voice Foundation, Philadelphia, PA. June.

Ratiu, I., Esfandiarei, M., Virden, T., Baylow, H. E., Flint, M., & Bhargava, R. (2017). Executive Function and Quality of Life in Marfan Syndrome. Paper presented at the Arizona Speech-Language Hearing Association Convention, Tucson, AZ. April.

Baylow, Hope E., Ratiu, I., Esfandiarei, M, Virden, T, & Bhargava, R (2017). Dysphagia Symptoms and Quality of Life (QOL) in Patients with Marfan Syndrome.  Poster presented at the 25th Anniversary Dysphagia Research Society Annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon, March.  

Hansen, S.B. & Virden, T.B. (2016). Burnout among graduate students in health professional programs. Poster presented at the 18th European Psychiatric Association Section Meeting in Epidemiology and Social Psychiatry, Gothenburg, Sweden, December.

Woehrle, J., Virden, T., Kraaz, A., Dougherty, A., Hamilton, D., & Zimmerman, T. (2016). Relationship Between the Timed Get-Up and Go Test and Select Gait Variables: A Pilot Study.  Poster presented at the annual meeting of American Physical Therapy Association, Anaheim, CA, February.

Hutchings, P.S., Virden, T.B., Lewis, D.L., & Olvey, C.D. (2013).  Psychologists' attitudes toward psychological science.  Poster presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, Honolulu, HI, August. Young, J.L., Mercer, G.T., 

Virden, T.B., McGovern, R.J., & Walter, M.S. (2013). Using Rey Effort Tests to distinguish amnestic impairment. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the International Neuropsychological Society, Waikoloa, HI, February.