Midwestern University Celebrates Pi Day

Annual Pi Day offers sweet treats, relaxation, fun, and pie-eating contests

  • IL - Downers Grove
Pies with the Pi symbol baked on top.

March 14 marked the Pi Day celebration at Midwestern University.

The Midwestern University community commemorated Pi Day on March 14, 2024, hosted by Student Services, with pie slices in a variety of flavors, Pi Day balloons, background music relating to pies and other desserts, and two different pie-eating contests during lunchtime. The event was a way for students to appreciate the mathematical meaning behind Pi Day and take a few moments of relaxation and fun. Pi Day celebrations are held annually on March 14 to symbolize 3.14, the first digits of the endless, irrational number Pi, and the mathematical symbol used as a constant for the ratio of a circle’s circumference to the circle’s diameter. 


Winners of the Pi Day pie-eating contests.
On the left, Tucker Huppe (CCOM ’27) was the winner of the first pie-eating contest. On the right, Kayla Gerber (CCO ’26) was the champion of the second pie-eating contest.


Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine student Tucker Huppe (CCOM ’27) won the first pie-eating contest. “I’ve never done a pie-eating contest before. It was fun watching all the people cheer.” Chicago College of Optometry student Kayla Gerber (CCO ’26) was the champion of the second pie-eating contest. “I was nervous, and I actually didn’t sign up for it. My friends encouraged me to join. I did it last year and I didn’t win. It’s really good to have fun with my class.” All pie-eating contest participants received T-shirts, and the winners received munch money to use on campus, as well as the glory of winning.

Balloons with Pi symbol.
Pi Day balloons were also displayed in the Commons.  

Students attended the Pi Day celebration for a variety of reasons. For Luisa Rodriguez (CCOM ’27), the day was a touch of home. “They had key lime pie, and it reminds me of Florida, where I’m originally from. I think the day provides something to look forward to.” 

Samantha Newman (CCOM ’27) enjoyed a slice of apple pie and commented, “It shows the University cares about students and our wellness since we’re under a lot of stress. Events like this reduce stress, and we get to hang out with our friends.” 

Another student, Justin Magnus (CCOM ’27), reflected upon the mathematical significance behind Pi Day as he sampled a slice of key lime pie. “I think it’s important to celebrate mathematics. Without mathematics, we lose the logic behind science.”

Midwestern University took the opportunity of Pi Day to build community and camaraderie among the students, and to just take a few moments to enjoy a slice of life. The University also offers a variety of degrees and programs in Downers Grove and Glendale.



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