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Student Spotlight: Anja Goetten

College of Health Sciences, Occupational Therapy Program, Class of 2024

  • IL - Downers Grove
"My faculty have set a great example for me. I aspire to be as wonderful as they are one day!"
Anja Goetten, Occupational Therapy Program, Class of 2024

Undergraduate degree:

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
B.S. in Community Health with a concentration in Rehabilitation and Disabilities Studies

Hometown: Carrollton, IL

What inspired you to pursue a healthcare career?

It’s not easy for others to entrust you with their loved ones. One time, I had a mother write me a quick thank you and it said, “I know you haven’t been around long, but my son has never taken to anyone that quickly. Thank you for brightening his day.” Since then, I have received similar comments, and that is what continues to inspire me to become the greatest clinician I can be.

How did your background and history factor into your career choice?

During my undergraduate studies, I was heavily involved with various clubs, organizations, and work that aligned with my future career path. My heart has always been set on being in the healthcare field. I’ve always enjoyed talking to new people and getting the privilege of learning about their unique life stories. I will always advocate, collaborate, and assist those who need that from me so they can live their very best life.

Why did you decide to attend Midwestern University?

I decided to attend Midwestern for a few reasons. First, the admissions staff, Occupational Therapy faculty, and students during my interview made me feel worthy, important, and welcomed right away. After the interview process, I knew I would have the needed faculty support and friendships that would help make me a well-rounded occupational therapist. Next, I was excited about the interprofessional opportunities at Midwestern University. I found value in knowing I would be able to interact with various medical professionals to expand my ability to provide best practices to future clients. Lastly, I felt in my heart that I should stay in Illinois to be close to my family since they are everything to me.

What about a Midwestern University education do you want to carry forward in your career?

I will continue to represent my role on the interdisciplinary team and collaborate with the professionals needed to provide best practice to my future clients. In the future, I would like to pursue the education side of things by becoming a professor or program director, and my faculty have set a great example for me. I aspire to be as wonderful as they are one day!

Anything else you'd like to add?

Midwestern University has afforded me many opportunities to be involved on and off campus. I’ve held leadership positions, been involved with CHS/CGS council, presented at events outside of campus, and much more! 

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