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Student Spotlight: Valerie Voce

Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, Class of 2023

  • IL - Downers Grove
"My public health education has helped me look at patient situations from a different perspective."
Valerie Voce, Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Master of Public Health Program in the College of Health Sciences, Class of 2023.

Hometown: Crystal Lake, Illinois

Undergraduate degree: Illinois Wesleyan University, Bachelor of Science in Biology

What inspired you to pursue a healthcare career?

Growing up, my grandma was always very sick and in the hospital. Her constant hospital admissions inspired me to become a physician so I could better care for patients like her and also support patients’ families – something I felt physicians could have done better for my grandma.

How did your background and history factor into your career choice?

I am the first in my family to attend graduate school and become a physician. My older and younger sister are both ICU nurses and work together in the same unit. I would say that our grandma was a huge inspiration for all our career aspirations. My parents always instilled a strong work ethic and encouraged us to chase our dreams.

Why did you decide to attend Midwestern University?

I decided to attend Midwestern University after working as a medical scribe with Midwestern alumni, admiring their bedside manner, and looking up to them as role models. I looked up to these physicians not only for how knowledgeable they were but also because they were always willing to take the time to explain a diagnosis or plan of care to a patient and their family and answer all of their questions.

What about a Midwestern University education do you want to carry forward in your career?

I want to carry forward and embrace my dual degree education - D.O. and M.P.H. - and especially my public health training. My public health education has helped me look at patient situations from a different perspective and consider other factors that may be contributing to my patient’s health and ability to care for themselves.

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