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Academic Resources

At Midwestern University, we believe that students learn best in a team environment under the guidance of caring faculty experts.

Glendale, AZ Campus

Study and live in the comfort and safety of the suburbs while you're part of a major metropolitan area in Glendale, Arizona.

Business Services

Business Services

Pharmacy Student Rotation Opportunities

Experiential education courses, commonly referred to as “rotations,” comprise roughly one-third of your pharmacy education. At CCP, you will have an abundance of unique rotation opportunities available to you, as you explore which area of pharmacy practice you’d like to pursue in your career.

Midwestern University GME Consortium

Midwestern University offers a continuity of osteopathic medical education from the first year of medical school to the final year of postgraduate training

Academic Departments

Explore the academic departments for each of the many schools and colleges within the Midwestern University ecosystem.

Student Compliance Auditing

Background checks and Insurance Student Audit Process

Glendale Immunization Compliance

AZ Student Immunization

Protocols for University Facilities

Protocols for University Facilities

Glendale Economic Impact

We are proud to partner with the City of Glendale as one of the region’s significant economic engines and as a leader in educating healthcare professionals.

21 of 30 of 115 results

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