Dual Acceptance Program

Dual Acceptance Programs for the College of Pharmacy, Glendale Campus

Program Description

The Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Program (PPA) is a cost-effective, early assurance program for select students enrolled in an affiliated community colleges. The program provides students who are motivated to become pharmacists with a clear path to achieving their goal. Students admitted to the PPA are required to:

  • Complete their prerequisite requirements during the first two years at an affiliated college or university 
  • And then transition into Midwestern University's College of Pharmacy - Glendale to begin a three-year Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program.

At the end of five years the successful PPA student will earn a Pharm.D. degree enabling him or her to embark upon an exciting career in this high-demand healthcare field. Benefits of the PPA include:

  • Cost savings by not having to take the PCAT exam.
  • An Associate's Degree in Science is earned upon completion of pre-pharmacy coursework.
  • An excellent foundation for pharmacy education.
  • A clear road map for what courses to take and when.
  • Direct entry into MWU CPG upon successful completion of program requirements.

* If a student enrolls in the Track 1 option, then all pre-pharmacy courses must be completed in two years. If a student enrolls in Track 2, then a student has up to two years from the time of acceptance into the PPA Program to complete the pre-pharmacy coursework.

Enrollment Options and Eligibility

Students may enroll in one of two available Tracks:

This track is available to students who apply by June 1st during their senior year in high school. To be eligible, students must have a weighted GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, a minimum composite ACT score of 24 (submit ACT scores directly to MWU using code 4609); or composite SAT score of 1650 (submit SAT scores directly to MWU using code 3792). To complete Track 1, students must complete all pre-pharmacy coursework within two years.

Apply for track 1 by contacting:

Michael Dietrich, Pharm.D., BCPS, FAzPA 
Associate Dean of Professional Programs 

The following items are required in the application process and due by June 1:

  • Completed application
  • Official high school transcript
  • ACT or SAT test scores - Submit scores directly to MWU using the following codes: ACT: 4609; or SAT: 3792 (writing component score not needed)
  • Participation in an on-campus Interview Day, when invited to do so

This track is available to students who have recently enrolled in the affiliated community college, are in good standing, and are completing their first semester of full-time coursework (12 credit hours per semester) with a minimum GPA of 3.4, and a minimum of a C in each course. Applications are due by March 1st. Each new class of pharmacy students at CPG begin the Pharm.D. program in the summer quarter only. There are no mid-year enrollments at Midwestern University.

To apply to Track 2 please contact Dr. Dietrich via email as listed above in Track 1.

The following items are required in the application process and due by March 1st:

  • Completed application
  • Official transcript from affiliate college (upon completion of at least one semester)
  • Participation in an on-campus Interview Day, when invited to do so (after June 1st)

Track 1 or Track 2

Contact Dr. Michael Dietrich at mdoetr@midwestern.edu or 623-572-3538 for an application and more information

For both Tracks, official transcripts should be forwarded to: Midwestern University, Office of Admissions, 19555 N 59th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85308.

After the Midwestern University Office of Admissions receives all completed application materials, applicant files are reviewed to determine which applicants merit invitations to attend an on-campus Interview Day.

During the Interview Day, candidates will be required to participate in individual interviews. This interview will be used to evaluate verbal communication skills, understanding of the pharmacy profession, commitment to patient care, and other elements as determined by faculty. Applicants will be required to participate in writing sample exercises during the visit. These visits provide opportunities for candidates to learn more about the pharmacy program, student services, and to tour the Midwestern University campus. Following applicant visits, their files are forwarded to the Admissions Committee for review. The committee may recommend to accept or to deny student admissions. These recommendations are then forwarded to the Dean for final approval. The Dean-via the Office of Admissions-notifies applicants of their status within two weeks of their visits. Accepted applicants will be ensured a seat at CPG upon successful completion of the program requirements.

Affiliated Colleges & Universities

Midwestern University College of Pharmacy - Glendale has an agreement with the Maricopa County Community Colleges to provide the pre-professional courses and credits necessary for students who have been accepted into the PPA. Please consult the Maricopa County Community Colleges admissions office for details about acceptance and cost of attendance.

Requirements for Transition into CPG

It is critical that students understand that all five of the following conditions must be met to retain admission to CPG for their respective summer quarter. Failure to meet any of the following requirements will result in the forfeiture of the student's place in his/her respective entering class.

Condition #1

All pre-pharmacy prerequisite courses must be completed at the community college within a two-year period for Track 1 students, and within two years upon acceptance into the PPA Program for Track 2 students. (All courses must be completed by the end of spring just before transition into CPG) Refer to the appropriate required coursework listed in the flyer for your particular affiliated community college.

Prerequisite CourseworkSemester Hours
Biology with lab8
Anatomy (human or vertebrate)3
General Chemistry with lab8
Organic Chemistry with lab8
Speech / public speaking3
Social and Behavioral Sciences6
General Education8

Students cannot take summer classes at another college, community college, or university. Some courses may require placement exams or have special requirements for students who earn advanced placement credit.

Recognized AP credit granted for work completed prior to beginning at the community college. If the institution recognizes and grants a student credit and the credit appears on that student's transcript, then that credit will be accepted.

Condition #2

A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.40 in all pre-requisite courses must be achieved and maintained at the end of each semester. Only courses taken at the PPA-affiliated college or university are to be used in the PPA cumulative GPA calculation.

Condition #3

A minimum pre-pharmacy science grade point average (GPA) of 2.50 must be also achieved and maintained.

Condition #4

Student must earn a grade of C or higher in all required prerequisite courses. (C- (minus) grades are not acceptable.)

Condition #5

Students are not permitted to repeat courses for a higher grade.

In addition to meeting the Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Program (PPA) requirements  
Students are required to:

  • Upon acceptance, submit a signed Letter of Understanding to the Midwestern University Admissions Office.
  • Sign and return a College of Pharmacy - Glendale Matriculation Agreement and Technical Standards Certification Form. Both of these agreements will be sent to qualified students in the fall before their completion of their pre-pharmacy coursework in the following spring/summer. The Matriculation Agreement will outline deposit requirements, transcript submission, proof of immunization, proof of insurance, and mandatory health testing requirements. 
  • Submit required matriculation deposit fee of $250 (deadline date will be designated in Matriculation Agreement.)

In order to enhance their performance when later attending CPG, students should consider these additional experiences:

  • Involvement in extracurricular/leadership activities in the community or affiliated college or university. 
  • Volunteer or paid healthcare experiences (pharmacy, if possible)

Progress Checks

PPA students should meet with the affiliated college or university's PPA designee or their assigned academic advisor every semester. The Community College advisors monitor the progress of students and will advise CPG of any students failing to meet the requirements.

In order for CPG to monitor the status of students in the PPA, students must request that a copy of their transcript be sent to the CPG Office of the Dean (19555 N 59 th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85308) at the end of each spring during their two years in the affiliate institution. CPG will conduct a review of transcripts after each spring and will follow up in writing to students regarding their academic/program status. Any student who fails to meet the program requirements will be encouraged to apply to CPG via the traditional route (complete a PharmCAS application, submit PCAT scores, etc.). NOTE, the traditional application process is competitive, hence former PPA students must compete for available seats and are not guaranteed admission via this route.

For additional questions regarding the CPG Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Program, please contact Dr. Michael Dietrich at mdietr@midwestern.edu or call 623-572-3538.

Additional Pathways

Arizona Christian University (ACU) Articulation Agreement

Program Description 
The ACU Articulation Agreement guarantees interviews and reserves seats in the class for qualified students who fulfill certain requirements. ACU students applying for admission to MWU must satisfy the following minimum requirements before the academic year commences for the incoming class:

Achieve a minimum of a 3.25 cumulative grade point average (on a 4.00 = A scale) in their undergraduate coursework (with a 3.60 cumulative grade point average in sciences);

  • Have completed the minimum number of the prerequisite courses (as stated  in the Midwestern University CPG Catalog) with a grade of C or better before the program begins
  • Have the ability to successfully fulfill all technical standards for CPG 
  • Receive an acceptable score on their on-site interview
  • Demonstrate a good understanding of and a sincere interest in pharmacy as a career
  • Personal integrity and sound moral character
  • Reflect a people/service orientation through community service or extracurricular activities
  • Abide by the Midwestern University Drug-Free Workplace and Substance Abuse Policy 
  • Pass a criminal  background  check; and
  • Meet all other requirements set forth by MWU, including requirements documented in the catalog, student handbook, and this agreement. 

CPG Will:

  • Reserve a minimum of 5 seats for students who achieve a minimum of a 3.25 cumulative and science GPA.
  • Students must have taken the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) during the previous five years of the current admission cycle, and achieved a minimum composite score of 75 with no individual component less than 50

The final decision on acceptance for applicants shall be up to the discretion of the specific College's Admissions Committee, subject to approval by the Dean.

Prospective candidates should contact Dr. Michael Dietrich at mdietr@midwestern.edu or call 623-572-3538.