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We are one College of Pharmacy at Midwestern University.


You can choose which of our two campuses to attend. Visit these links to learn more about student life on each campus:

Downers Grove, IL campus in the Chicago area
Glendale, AZ campus in the Phoenix area


Both campuses offer a year-round three-year Pharm.D. curriculum, which will allow you to begin your pharmacy career sooner. Our curriculum will progress you through an organ-systems approach, integrating the principles of pathophysiology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, and pharmacotherapeutics to teach the safe, effective, and evidence-based use of drugs and drug therapies.

Additionally, our experiential education/rotations occur in full-time blocks, so that you can focus on learning to provide collaborative and exceptional patient care and contribute meaningfully to the pharmacy profession.

Each innovative curriculum is detailed:

Glendale, AZ Campus Pharm.D. Curriculum
Downers Grove, IL Campus Pharm.D. Curriculum
Pharm.D. in Three!


For your success as a future pharmacist, we offer:

  • Outstanding rotation opportunities
  • Mentoring faculty
  • Participation in research, leadership, and numerous pharmacy student organizations
  • A vast network of alumni in all 50 states

Learn more about our Admissions Requirements and feel free to contact our Office of Admissions if you have further questions.

We are the College of Pharmacy at Midwestern University. Across the miles, our campuses share resources, best practices, and research to ensure your success as a future practicing pharmacist.

To learn more about the College of Pharmacy on each campus, please visit our respective portals:
Downers Grove, IL Pharm.D. Program
Glendale, AZ Pharm.D. Program

FREE Application

Apply to our College of Pharmacy and pay no application fee. You may contact our Office of Admissions at either campus to request a PharmCAS coupon code. Or complete this form, and we will send the code to you.


(Note: Reaching out to a given campus does not commit you to attending that particular Midwestern University campus. Each MWU Office of Admissions is able to assist you with obtaining a coupon code redeemable for a free application for either campus.)

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The Pharmacy Profession

Pharmacists are some of the most important professionals in modern healthcare. There is no more important responsibility for the delivery and management of drug therapies, or indeed for education about medications, than that of a well-trained pharmacist. Pharmacists fill crucial roles in the healthcare cycle by planning drug therapies, determining dosages and schedules, and educating and counseling patients on proper use and possible side effects.

At the Midwestern University Colleges of Pharmacy, you will be trained in all facets of patient-centered care. Expert faculty will provide you with the knowledge to help patients understand when, how, and why to take those medications. You will become a valuable resource for both healthcare professionals and patients in all settings, from local clinics to major pharmacy chains to hospitals and other dedicated healthcare facilities.

At MWU, I see the passion for students everywhere. It's impressive. As a faculty member, I know teaching is MWU's priority. ”

Mitchell Emerson, Ph.D., College of Pharmacy Dean and Professor
Downers Grove and Glendale

Choose Your Campus

Downers Grove, IL

Learn more about getting your Doctor of Pharmacy Degree in Downers Grove, Illinois.

Glendale, AZ

Learn more about getting your Doctor of Pharmacy Degree in Glendale, Arizona. 


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