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Rich with possibilities. That's your life beyond the classroom at Midwestern University.

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You can make your life rich with possibilities beyond the classroom at Midwestern University. Clubs and organizations, student government, recreational activities. Find whatever fits your interests and enhances your life.

To be better connected to all of the campus organizations and activities, students are encouraged to contact Erin Hoffmann, email

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Clubs & Organizations

Committed to the One Health concept of optimal health and wellness, Midwestern University encourages you to use the recreation/fitness facilities located on the Glendale Campus.

Campus Recreation

As a testament to Midwestern University's dedication to service, we have a variety of volunteering opportunities for students to give back as well as practice their learned skills in the healthcare field.

Healthcare Volunteering Opportunities

At MWU, student government provides a forum for discussing and resolving student concerns, and initiating recognition of new student organizations.

Student Government