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Podiatric Medicine is a branch of the medical sciences devoted to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle disorders, diseases and injuries. The growing demand for high quality care of disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower leg is driven in large measure by the critical role of podiatrists in sports medicine, in diabetic foot care, and in the care of the geriatric population. The profession requires four years of rigorous study at an accredited podiatric medical school/college after four years of pre-medical education. Podiatric medicine as a career opportunity provides outstanding quality-of-life benefits for practitioners. Podiatrists experience the education of a medical specialist, the variety of a general practitioner, and the freedom of an entrepreneur.

The integration of podiatry with the other health sciences disciplines at Midwestern University more fully prepares graduates to function effectively in the increasingly multidisciplinary care patterns of the future. Through the rigorous curriculum at Midwestern University, podiatry students gain the requisite medical knowledge and practical skills necessary to excel in residency and practice. Through an extensive program of community service, the Arizona College of Podiatric Medicine students develop an appreciation for the importance of ethics and professionalism in combination with compassion and cultural sensitivity.

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The mission of the Midwestern University Arizona College of Podiatric Medicine is to prepare quality students to enter residency through rigorous education and training, and to exceed professional standards.

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