Geriatrics Club Assists Saratoga Retirement Home Residents

Students gain real-world experience caring for geriatric patients

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Geriatrics Club poses by their club poster at the Organization Fair.

One of the activities of the Geriatrics Club is weekly volunteer work at the Saratoga Grove Retirement & Assisted Living Facility. 

Every Saturday, a group of Midwestern University students from different healthcare programs spend a couple of hours volunteering at the Saratoga Grove Retirement & Assisted Living Facility. Volunteer work to give back to the community is a central component of Midwestern University’s education and serves to encourage students to become patient-centered healthcare professionals as they embark upon their professional careers. In addition, volunteer work offers students the chance to expand upon their classroom knowledge, increase their skill set, and provide service to those in need of care. 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, adults 65 and older comprise about 16.8 percent of the nationwide population. As the population ages, the need for proper healthcare also increases. Through the weekly program conducted by the Geriatrics Club, students gain experience of working with the elderly population. The club also started a program this year for students to work with residents in memory care. 

Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine student and President of the Geriatrics Club Sophie Lee (CCOM ’26) said, “There’s a distinct difference between nursing homes with general rehab and living centers and those with memory care facilities. The memory care facilities are specifically tailored to elders like my grandparents. It’s something I am very passionate and care deeply about.” This cause also resonates with Sophie on a personal level. “I have grandparents who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and I have always wanted to be able to work with individuals with those health issues,” Sophie said. She is considering pursuing a career in geriatrics, while also mulling over a career in neurology or psychiatry. 

The Geriatrics Club is open for students to join from all healthcare programs, and volunteering at Saratoga Grove is one of the opportunities available to students. Participation in Clubs and Organizations gives students experience working with the community, more skills and knowledge, and the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues, just as they will in future healthcare settings. 

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