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Pharmacy Students Match to Residency Programs in Several States

College of Pharmacy, Downers Grove students plan for residencies upon graduation

  • IL - Downers Grove

The upcoming graduating Class of 2024 from the College of Pharmacy, Downers Grove (CPDG) had the opportunity to participate in a nationwide residency match. The residency program is an opportunity for participating students to expand on their skills and expertise acquired during their education at Midwestern University, but it is not a requirement for all pharmacy students. The students found out where they matched to on March 13.

CPDG 2024 Matches by the Numbers:

  • 41 students matched from the Accelerated Graduation Option (AGO) Class of 2023, Standard Graduation Option (SGO) Class of 2024, and the 3-Year Curriculum (3YC) Class of 2024 (26% of the combined classes)
  • Majority matched in Illinois, but others will complete residencies in Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, and Wisconsin
  • Five will finish their residencies in community pharmacies
  • 36 will finish their residencies in the hospital setting
  • One student’s residency match is a two-year commitment to finish the residency and a master’s degree in Health System Leadership and Administration (UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, CA).

We also spoke with one student about her residency match experience.

Name: Coretta Dishmon

Hometown: Riverside, IL

Program of Study: Pharmacy

Where did you match to: University of California Davis Medical Center

Describe your reaction when you found out you matched: 

I was overjoyed and overwhelmed with gratitude. The application process was not easy, but learning that I matched to my first choice felt like all of my hard work over the past three and a half years had paid off and was all worth it.

How did your education at Midwestern University prepare you for this opportunity: 

My educational journey at Midwestern was an experience that not only equipped me with the clinical knowledge essential for navigating the complexities of interviews, but also honed my soft skills, allowing me to connect and communicate effectively with my interviewers. The emphasis on academic rigor and interpersonal development provided me with the confidence I needed to believe in my own potential for success.

What do you look forward to in this upcoming experience:  

I look forward to developing into a well-rounded pharmacist, integrating understanding of both the administrative and clinical components essential to our profession. I hope to always be a lifelong learner and to pour into future students the way my professors and preceptors have poured into me. 

Anything to add: 

I would like to extend my gratitude to my professors, the dedicated staff at Midwestern, and my classmates who have all played an integral role in shaping this chapter in my life.


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