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Select Chicago College of Optometry Students Take Part in Optional Residency Matches

Optometry students begin the next phase of their careers

  • IL - Downers Grove

Students graduating from the Chicago College of Optometry (CCO) have an option to transition to residency. A Match Day event was held on March 5, 2024, to share the news with the optometry students and commend the students for their matches as they transition from their student days to residencies.

While residency matches are optional for optometry students, usually about 25 to 30 percent of students choose to participate in the residency match process. Of the participating CCO students, about 93 percent were matched successfully to residency programs. Students earning a Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) degree have a range of career options, including practicing optometry in private or group practices, pursuing research or academia, working in hospitals or clinics, contact lenses, low vision rehabilitation, or specializing in areas such as pediatric optometry.

We asked one optometry student about her experience and her upcoming residency.

Name:  Eryka Uehling

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Program of study: Optometry

Where did you match to: Washington University - Ocular Disease with Emphasis in Cornea and Contact Lens

Describe your reaction when you found out you matched: I was so excited to be given the opportunity to further my learning and was so happy that all of my hard work paid off!

How did your education at Midwestern University prepare you for this opportunity?: My education prepared me by making me a well-rounded clinician in all areas of optometry.

What do you look forward to in this upcoming experience?: I look forward to becoming more confident in managing complex ocular disease and contact lens cases.

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