Spring Commencement Season for Glendale

During the final week of May, over a thousand Midwestern University graduates on the Glendale Campus celebrated the completion of their degree programs in eight commencement ceremonies over three days.

  • AZ - Glendale
Two bagpipe players lead graduates to their graduation ceremony

Graduates from the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine; the College of Pharmacy, Glendale Campus; select programs from the College of Health Sciences, Glendale Campus; the College of Dental Medicine-Arizona; the Arizona College of Optometry; the College of Veterinary Medicine; the College of Graduate Studies, Glendale Campus; and the Arizona College of Podiatric Medicine took their turns receiving their diplomas and accolades from family, faculty, and friends. Additionally, 32 graduates were honored for their military service with special recognition by Midwestern University President and Chief Executive Officer Kathleen H. Goeppinger, Ph.D., and through the conferring of a special commemorative pin.

Optometry graduates stand for a group photo
Graduates' families were proud and excited to announce they have doctors in their families.

Dr. Goeppinger took the opportunity at each ceremony to thank the graduates for their hard work and dedication that they showed while at Midwestern. In particular, Dr. Goeppinger highlighted the patient-centered, holistic practices that they learned while studying here and urged them to continue them in the next steps of their careers. After highlighting the significant achievements of each class, Dr. Goeppinger exhorted the graduates to remember to balance their professional lives with personal attention. “If I could ask anything of you, I would ask you to be kind. Be kind to your patients, be kind to your families, and most of all, be kind to yourselves,” she remarked.

Graduate speakers at each commencement offered congratulations and perspectives at the end of their University programs. “As we stand here today, it’s a testament to the resilience that runs deep within each of us,” said Dr. Ashkan Rastegar (CPG ’24). “Resilience is more than merely enduring hardship. It’s the unwavering commitment to learn from setbacks, transforming every misstep into an opportunity for growth.”

Graduates pose for a selfie with family members
Graduates' families were proud to celebrate their students' achievements.

Dr. Daniel DeBarr (CHS-Glendale PT ’24) encouraged graduates to remember self-care as practicing medical professionals. “A lot of the areas we spend our lives improving for others, we often neglect for ourselves,” he said. “You are going to spend a large portion of your life and career being selfless for the care of others. Treat with passion, treat with kindness, treat with empathy, and at the end of the day, treat yourself the same.”

2024 Spring Graduates by Program

  • AZCOM: 228, 13 military, 3 dual-degree
  • AZCPM: 34
  • CVM: 121, 1 military
  • CDMA: 145, 7 military
  • CPG: 107, 5 military
  • AZCOPT: 63, 1 military
  • CHS-Glendale: 221, 3 military (Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, Cardiovascular Perfusion, Speech-Language Pathology programs)
  • CGS-Glendale: 90, 2 military

2024 AZCOM Residency Matches

  • Total matched students: 251 (98.8% placement)
  • Number of Arizona matches: 78
  • Highest specialty matches: Family Medicine (71), Internal Medicine (58), Emergency Medicine (38)
  • Number of military matches: 14 (plus 1 military civilian)
  • Highest system matches: Abrazo Health (19), Midwestern University OPTI (13), Valleywise – Creighton (13), Dignity Health East Valley (12)
  • Top state matches (out of 34 states): Arizona (78), California (41), Texas (19), Illinois (16)

2024 AZCOPT Residency Matches

  • Total matched students: 17
  • Number of Arizona matches: 4
  • Residencies in ocular disease with emphases on Primary Care, Vision Rehabilitation, Geriatric and Pediatric Care, and Vision Therapy

2024 AZCPM Residency Matches

  • 34 students matched to residency programs
  • 3 students matched to Arizona residencies
  • Students matched to residencies in 19 states

2024 CDMA Residency Matches

  • 11 current students and alumni matched to residency programs
  • 3 students matched to oral surgery residencies
  • 5 students matched to pediatric dentistry residencies
  • 2 students matched to orthodontic residencies
  • 1 student matched to an Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) residency

2024 CPG Residency Matches

  • 28 matching students in Phase I (25% of the graduating class); more expected in Phase II
  • 14 of 28 matches (50%) remaining in Arizona for residency
  • Community pharmacy matches: 2
  • Hospital matches: 26
  • Army Hospital/VA Health System matches: 4
  • First match at UC Davis Medical Center
  • One student matched to a two-year combined residency and master’s degree program in Health System Leadership and Administration at Parkland Health, Dallas, Texas

2024 CVM Internship and Residency Matches

  • 27 students matched to internship and residency programs
  • Small Animal Internships: 22
  • Equine Internships: 4
  • Laboratory Animal Medicine Residency: 1
  • Students matched to programs in 14 states
  • Arizona internship matches: 6

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