Chicago College of Optometry Hosts Big Pupil, Little Pupil Event

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November 05, 2021 | Downers Grove, IL

CCO students are divided into student houses as part of an ongoing effort to increase a sense of community in the program.

Midwestern University’s Chicago College of Optometry brings together optometry students across all classes so they can start getting to know and encourage each other throughout their time in our program. This year’s event brought students and faculty together and awards were presented for Student of the Year for each class, as well as Faculty of the Year.

Many activities were planned from team-building exercises to landmarking the inaugural year by sorting them into Student Houses — Iridae, Choroidea, Orbis, and Corpus Ciliaris. The Student Houses were started with the purpose of re-engaging students after almost two years of mainly online learning and, above all, to help promote ethics, compassion, commitment, teamwork, accountability, and a sense of community within the College.

Students will be able to earn merit points for their designated houses through academic, service, learning, and professionalism accomplishments. At the end of the school year, the house with the most merit points will win the Optic Cup.