Traffic & Parking Regulations

Since Midwestern University is a self contained campus and private property, University Safety & Security Officers enforce traffic laws to protect the campus community, reduce risk of vehicle crashes, raise safety for pedestrians and maintain an orderly traffic flow in and around campus.

Speeding and Stop Signs
Speed limit on campus is 15 MPH, in the garage is 5 MPH. You must STOP at all Stop signs. You will receive a ticket for breaking these traffic regulations.

Parking Rules and Regulations
Designated parking areas have been established on campus for use by students, faculty, staff and visitors. All students, faculty, staff and visitors of the campus are asked to abide by the following rules and regulations as established by the Department of Safety & Security.

Parking Areas

All vehicles must be parked on pavement between the yellow parking lines. Parking on campus roadways, sidewalks or in parking lot traffic lanes is not permitted. Students are not allowed to park in the restricted or reserved parking spaces or in restricted and reserved faculty/staff parking Slots. Blue emergency call boxes are located throughout the campus and may be activated by pushing the red button to summon help.

Overnight Parking
Overnight parking is permitted, If you must leave your vehicle on campus overnight, notify the Department of Safety & Security at (630) 515- 7111. Fill out proper forms and leave a spare key in case of emergencies.

Handicapped Parking
All handicapped parking requires a displayed window permit or License plates. There is a fine of $250.00 for illegal parking in handicapped areas issued by Downers Grove Police Department.

Should have a MWU parking permit sticker if they are on campus.

All vehicles on campus must have an MWU issued sticker displayed in the lower left hand corner of the front windshield. When you register your vehicles, you must have proof of insurance for the vehicle / vehicles you are registering and a valid driver's license.

When entering campus, you must use your MWU ID to access the campus.

Your ID badge must be worn and visible at all time while on campus.

Parking on campus will be strictly enforced!

All Staff/ Faculty/ Students cars must have a MWU sticker to avoid a ticket.

DO NOT PARK in the following parking spaces at any time (24/7):

  • University Administration lot
  • Safety & Security and Maintenance Slots
  • Faculty & Staff reserved parking is in the Garage, 1st fl. Southside and some spaces on the north road east of Haspel/Hambrick
  • There are two 30 minute reserved slots in front of The Commons is reserved for making short visits (picking up mail, stopping in the bookstore, etc.) The 30 minute slots will also be strictly enforced.

If you are involved in a vehicle accident on campus, notify the Department of Safety & Security immediately to complete an accident report. All accidents that result in personal injury, death or damages exceeding $500 must be reported to the State of Illinois. All reports of personal injury of students, faculty, staff and visitors should be directed to the Department of Safety & Security for appropriate treatment and/or assistance.

Violations and Fines
Midwestern University has established a schedule of fines and penalties for violations of traffic and parking regulations on the MWU campus. Vehicles parked illegally will be ticketed. Students, a hold will be placed on academic records if citation is not paid within five days of date of citation issue.  Staff/ Faculty, disciplinary action sheet will be forward to Human Resources if citation is not paid within five days of date of citation issue. Citation must be paid or cancelled to clear hold.

Payment of Fines
Student's traffic fines may be paid in person or online. Cash, Credit cards and Checks are accepted.  Checks should be made payable to: Midwestern University. Student's pay fines at Student Financial Services 1st fl Haspel/Hambrick Hall Suite 102.  
Staff/Faculty pay fines at the Security office in Redwood 105A/B. Cash and checks ONLY.

Traffic/Parking offenses for which a person is cited may be appealed to the Director of Campus Safety and Security. Citations issued to students, staff/ faculty by Campus Safety & Security for alleged traffic/parking violations may be appealed by submitting an appeal form, properly filled out, to the Safety & Security main offices on the campus, Redwood Hall 105A or 105B for review. Appeal forms are available on campus in the Student Services Office, Campus Safety and Security main offices, the Welcome Center (front gate) and  MWU Intranet. All appeals must be submitted in writing and received by the office of the Director of Safety & Campus Security within 10 working days of the date of the offense.  Appeals received after ten days will not be considered. Appeals will be reviewed and a decision will be made by the Director of Safety and Security to grant or deny. Students, staff/faculty will be notified of the results of the appeal using the University email system. The decision of the Director concerning the status of a traffic/parking charge may be appealed to the Dean for Student in the same manner as the initial appeal. If the appeal is rejected, student records will be placed on hold until the fine is paid. Staff/Faculty will pay their fine or receive a disciplinary action through Human Resources.


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