Verification Services

Students and alumni: Send a transcript or letter of enrollment verification

All requests by organizations, employers, and healthcare providers wishing to verify a degree issued by Midwestern University, or to check the enrollment status of one of our students, are handled by the National Student Clearinghouse at This service provides the fastest verification.

Telephoned, faxed, or mailed requests for verification will cannot be accepted. Please submit all verification requests at

Verifying a Degree or Enrollment at

Step 1

Enter '' into your browser.

Using a modern web browser, visit

Step 2

Select the VERIFY NOW! button.

Select the VERIFY NOW! button on the left side of the page.

Step 3

Select the checkbox for 'Degree or School Certificate.'

Specify what information is to be verified. Select the checkbox for Degree or School Certificate to verify a degree awarded by Midwestern University.

When a checkbox is selected, new input fields will appear.

Step 4

Select the checkbox for 'Degree or School Certificate.'

To verify a degree, please enter the following required information:

  • School (Midwestern University)
  • Degree (exactly as it appears on the diploma or transcript)
  • Year (the year that the degree was issued, or for non-degree verification, the year of final attendance)
  • Student Name (exactly as it appears on the diploma or transcript)
    • Select the green + icon to provide an additional name if the individual's current name is different than the name appearing on the diploma or transcript.
  • Date of Birth (as it appears on the transcript or the student's legal ID)

Midwestern University cannot verify degrees unless all of this information is provided.

Step 4

Click the green Submit button.

Step 5

Complete the billing information requested by the National Student Clearinghouse and select the Continue button.

The National Student Clearinghouse cancels payments for verification requests that are declined.

Step 6

Complete the remainder of the request process and await a response from the National Student Clearinghouse either confirming or declining the verification requested.

Midwestern University processes all verification requests within one business day.

If we cannot verify a degree, the National Student Clearinghouse will cancel your payment. You may resubmit your verification request, assuring that all required information is provided.

For Additional Assistance

The National Student Clearinghouse provides an extensive Help Center to assist in the verification of credentials.

Additional assistance from the National Student Clearinghouse is available at 703-742-4200 during business hours.


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