One Health in Action: Clinic

One Health Grand Rounds provides an in-depth case study encompassing several healthcare disciplines at Midwestern University.

One Health Grand Rounds provides an in-depth case study encompassing several healthcare disciplines. The College of Dental Medicine – Illinois developed a tri-annual One Health Grand Rounds open to all colleges. Following a student case study presentation, Midwestern University faculty experts from various healthcare professions present short 10-minute perspectives on topics specific to the patient’s condition. Students hear information from practicing physicians, pharmacists, biomedical scientists and others thereby gaining valuable insight into the benefits of collaborative problem-solving.

The Veterinary Medicine faculty also present weekly One Health Comparative Pathology Grand Rounds for the Glendale Campus, and Daily Gross Pathology Rounds are in development.

The Physical Therapy and Veterinary Medicine programs on the Glendale Campus paired up to provide a new canine rehabilitation program. Animal patients receive physical therapy from Midwestern University faculty at the Companion Animal Clinic following surgery or other treatment.

Midwestern University’s newest clinical building, the Therapy Institute, opened its doors in early 2020. The Therapy Institute houses 5 specialty therapeutic disciplines all operating under one roof. In late 2020, the Therapy Institute launched the Collaborative Care Model (CCM), a specialized interdisciplinary team focused on treating the whole patient, not just a collection of symptoms. The departments of physical therapy, speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, psychology/behavioral health, and vision rehabilitation services all come together to meet the unique needs of patients who are post stroke, brain injury, or other complex conditions requiring multiple specialties.

An interprofessional group of Downers Grove Campus and clinical faculty provided a falls screening event for the community. Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among older adults. Midwestern University occupational therapy, clinical psychology, pharmacy, and osteopathic medicine students were also involved in providing a portion of the screenings.