Downers Grove Immunization Compliance

The Family Medicine Clinic at the Multispecialty Clinic

Appointments are required for your vaccines, titers and TB testing.  To schedule an appointment, please call 630-743-4553. 

The Clinics are located at:

3450 Lacey Rd
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Immunizations & Titers

When starting as a student, you must be in compliance by submitting all documentation for immunizations and titers from your Immunization Checklist. All immunization documentation is submitted through your student portal. 

Please make sure and submit the documentation to the appropriate category

Immunization Requirements

You are responsible for periodically checking your immunization compliance status HERE. If you notice information you believe is incorrect, please contact Don Evans at 630-971-6401.  If you are required to have titers/boosters, you need to either have your hometown doctor order it or come to campus and establish with one of the healthcare providers at the Multispecialty Clinic.

All of your uploaded immunization documents will be on your Immunization page as an attachment under the Document Type section.  You can open the attachment and print this off for providing documentation to rotation sites and employers.  There is no need for you to contact Student Services to get copies of any of your documentation as it will all be available on your immunization page.

Immunization Checklists

Medical, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Pharm.D.,
Dental, Physician Assistant, Speech-Language,
Occupational Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Optometry

 Immunization Checklist

Biomedical Science & Doctorate of Health Sciences

Immunization Checklist

Vaccine and TB Test Update Forms

MWU Vaccine Update Form

MWU TB Update for 1-Step Test

MWU TB Update for 2-Step Test

Student Health Status Report (Physical for New Students)

Waiver for Flu Shots & Immunizations

Wellness Apps & Resources

The Campus Clinics and MWU are not responsible for what is included in or what links may be contained within these sites. 


Acute Care Clinics

Aetna Student Assistance Program (SAP)

Autism Awareness

Breast Exams/Mammograms



Diet/Nutrition/Weight Loss

DuPage County Health Dept. Locations


Immediate Care Clinics near Downers Grove Campus


Mental Health

MWU Student Counseling

Safe Sun

Stop Tobacco

Substance Abuse/Addiction

Support for Students with Cancer



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