Health & Wellness

Your health and safety are our priority.

Keeping you Healthy

To protect MWU students and patients, Midwestern University requires you to submit documented proof of immunity against certain diseases prior to and during their enrollment.  It is also a requirement for all students to carry health insurance.  For acute medical issues, visit the Multispecialty Clinic.

All students are required to carry health insurance. The University offers a student health plan through Aetna Student Health.

Downers Grove Campus

Students can find full-service primary care at Midwestern’s Family Practice Clinic at the Multispecialty Clinic.  Here students may have a visit with one of the two physicians or with the Physician Assistant.  Care includes physicals, acute illnesses and injuries, chronic diseases, gynecological care/pap tests, contraception, weight loss support, osteopathic manipulation, and minor procedures.

Midwestern’s student health requirements are also available at the Family Practice Clinic including immunizations, titers, and TB testing.

Glendale Campus

The Multispecialty Clinic is located on the south side of Utopia and can provide immunizations, acute care, screenings, and all other necessary lab work.