AZ Immunization Compliance

Important information regarding immunization compliance for Glendale campus students.

Appointments are required for your vaccines, titers and TB testing. To schedule an appointment, please call 623-537-6000.  

The Clinics are located at:

59th Ave & Utopia   
Glendale, AZ 85308

When starting as a student, you must be in compliance by submitting all documentation for immunizations and titers from your immunization Checklist. All immunization documentation is submitted through your student portal.

Please make sure and submit the documentation to the appropriate category:

Immunization Requirements

You are responsible for periodically checking your immunization compliance status by logging into the student portal. If you notice information you believe is incorrect, please contact Kendra Ibrahim, MMS, PA-C. If you are required to have titers, you need to either have your hometown doctor order it or come to campus and establish with one of the healthcare providers at the Multispecialty Clinic or get a lab requisition form from Student Services. If you need a booster, you would either have your hometown doctor order it, come to campus and establish with one of the healthcare providers at the Multispecialty Clinic, or go to a local pharmacy (call the Pharmacy ahead of time).

All of your uploaded immunization documents will be on your Immunization page as an attachment under the Document Type section. You can open the attachment and print it to provide documentation to rotation sites and employers. There is no need for you to contact Student Services to get copies of any of your documentation as it will all be available on your immunization page.

Health insurance doesn't always cover blood titers so please be aware of this and check before you have them done as they can be costly. Please note that you have 30 days from the start of classes to complete the titers. If you will have the Aetna student insurance the titers are covered. If you have your own insurance, we have a discount rate available through a local lab. To take advantage of these, please stop by Student Services, in Barrel III, to obtain a lab requisition form and we will direct you from there.

Midwestern University has contracted with Sonora Quest Laboratories in the Phoenix Metropolitan area to facilitate this process and minimize your expenses and also to ensure that the correct tests are done. If you wish to take advantage of our discount with Sonora Quest Laboratories, you will need to come to the Office of Student Services to pay for the titers and obtain a requisition form. The university provides a 30-day grace period following the start of classes to allow you to get these titers drawn. The expense of the blood titers will also be included in your financial aid package which you will receive the first week of classes. We recommend that you wait until you have received your financial aid refund before you have your titers drawn. Again, you must come to Student Services first in order to take advantage of the discount.

Immunization Checklists and Other Forms

  • Immunization checklist for your specific program:

Student Immunization Checklist - Glendale

  • Please login to the student portal to find: 
    • Student Health Status Report (Physical for new students)
  • A student can request a waiver for a University immunization requirement from their respective College Dean/Program Director and the Dean of Students, but the student must be aware that the requirements are established by affiliated clinical rotation sites as well as Midwestern University. Contact Kendra Ibraham if you have questions at