Give to the College of Veterinary Medicine

Your gift to Arizona's only College of Veterinary Medicine can have far-reaching impact which will benefit the veterinary students we teach and the animals we treat.  To learn more about our giving opportunities, ways to give, and giving societies, please contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at 623/572.3784 or

Giving Opportunities

College of Veterinary Medicine Funds 

Mobile Unit Fund 

Your donation will help purchase medicine and supplies needed for our students and faculty who are providing basic medical care, as well as spay and neuter surgeries, for dogs and cats in underserved areas of our state. 

Student Surgical Laboratory Fund 

A gift to the Student Surgical Laboratory Fund will help our students gain hands-on supervised surgical experience to provide free spay and neuter surgeries along with supplementary medical care for animals sent to Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine's student surgical laboratories from a variety of local rescue shelters. 

International Veterinary Service & Education Fund

Your generous gift to this fund will help our faculty and students engage in international veterinary outreach providing students an opportunity of a lifetime to gain hands on experience abroad while providing animals with critical medical care, treatment of infectious diseases, and spay or neuter surgeries. Trips to Guaymas, Mexico and Buikwe, Uganda have been scheduled and your gift will be used to support student travel expenses and to purchase medicine, vaccines, equipment and supplies needed for each excursion.

Companion Animal Clinic

Hardship Fund

Through your support, we will provide care for animals whose owners are unable to cover the cost of care for their beloved pets.  

Companion Animal Memorial Fund

Your gift made in memory of a cherished animal friend will be used to benefit the general scholarship fund.

Grateful Client Fund

A donation to the Grateful Client Fund will recognize the high-quality, compassionate care you and your pet received.  You may recognize a specific person or a whole service area and funds support the general scholarship fund. 

Endowed Scholarships and Other Funds 

Establish your own named endowed scholarship

Endowed scholarships are designed to be permanent and perpetual and can be created with gifts totaling a minimum amount of $25,000, contributed in full at the outset or with an initial commitment that is added to over time until the endowment level of $25,000 is attained. The principal of the fund is invested to produce income, and an annual award is made to a student/s. The principal remains untouched, so the endowment can last into perpetuity.

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