Doctor of

Physical Therapy

In our Physical Therapy Program, you will gain the practical skills and clinical experience you need to become a skilled and caring physical therapist (PT).

Degree D.P.T. (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

Program StartSummer Quarter

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AZ - Glendale

  • In-Person

College Physical Therapy Program (AZ)

Duration30 months, full-time

Class Size Approximation50

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IL - Downers Grove

  • In-Person

College Physical Therapy Program (IL)

Duration34 months, full-time

Class Size Approximation56

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  • Hybrid

College Physical Therapy Program (Hybrid)

Duration30 months, full-time

Class Size Approximation30

The Midwestern Advantage

Midwestern University's investment in education, faculty, research, facilities, and clinical training translates into our students being "Day One Ready.”

Each graduate from our Physical Therapy Program will be instructed to provide patient care; display the core knowledge to discuss prevention, onset, and impairments; address functional limitations; and create a plan of care based on goals and expected outcomes. This requires competency across physical therapy courses, emphasizing:

  • Clinical Problem-Solving: Developing skills for examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, intervention, assessment/reassessment, and discharge planning.
  • Evidence-Based Practice: Utilizing research-driven approaches.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Practicing inclusively with diverse clients.
  • Collaboration: Working effectively within the healthcare community.
  • Leadership: Preparing for leadership roles in healthcare delivery.
  • Prevention and Wellness: Embracing health, fitness, and wellness orientations.
  • Professional Development: Acquiring skills to establish disease, injury, and disability prevention programs.
  • Community Service: Engaging in impactful community and professional service.

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Midwestern University's Doctor of Physical Therapy program trains entry-level practitioners to provide PT services in large, small, traditional, and nontraditional community and institutional practice settings that require independent judgment, leadership, and autonomous practice. Our PT Program offers different learning paths to suit students' preferences. Students in all programs will earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) degree.

Downers Grove Campus – Traditional Program

Midwestern University's Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) three-year doctoral-level program is designed to provide you with evidence-based practical and clinical skills enhanced by a spirit of collaboration and leadership. Our team of faculty experts are dedicated to your success and will help you build your future as a competent, caring, and skilled physical therapist. The curriculum spans 12 quarters, taking three calendar years (34 months). Highlights include:

  • 2 cadaver-based anatomy courses to provide an anatomical basis for PT education
  • Hands-on training via simulated lab experiences, clinic, visits, and clinical education experiences
  • Numerous advanced electives to allow students the ability to pursue a variety of interests.

With a solid foundation, graduates adeptly address today's healthcare challenges, forming collaborative partnerships for clinical competence and continuous learning. The program totals 171.0 credits and encourages interdisciplinary teamwork.

PT Downers Grove

Glendale Campus - Residential Pathway

At the Glendale Campus, the residential pathway comprises 10 consecutive quarters across 30 months. The initial 7 quarters feature theoretical teaching at the Glendale Campus, followed by 3 quarters (33 weeks) of immersive clinical education. Embracing a spiral model, the curriculum revisits core content in-depth as students progress, encouraging critical integration across practice domains. This structure ensures practical alignment between theoretical concepts and clinical experiences, fostering a robust grasp of biological, physical, clinical, and behavioral sciences.

Highlights include:

  • A spiraled curriculum that revisits content at higher levels as students progress, fostering deeper understanding.
  • Integrated didactic quarters facilitate cross-practice content integration and sequential learning experiences.
  • Robust foundation in sciences where students learn to apply research and evidence critically in practice.

PT Glendale/Traditional

Glendale Campus - Hybrid Pathway

Midwestern University's Glendale Campus offers a hybrid pathway, mirroring the residential track in sequence and timing. Over 7 consecutive quarters, students engage in online synchronous/asynchronous learning for 10 weeks, followed by immersive lab/classroom experiences on-campus for the 11th week. Post-didactic completion, students undergo three 11-week clinical education stints in varied care environments, effectively merging theoretical understanding with hands-on patient care.

Highlights include:

  • In-person and online hybrid delivery.
  • A spiraled curriculum that revisits content at higher levels as students progress, fostering deeper understanding.
  • Both simulated and actual clinical experiences offered throughout the curriculum.

PT Glendale/Hybrid

Physical therapists practice in a wide range of settings, including hospitals, outpatient clinics, people's homes, schools, sports and fitness facilities, workplaces, and nursing homes.

State licensure is required in each state in which a physical therapist practices.

At Midwestern University, we prioritize research to advance knowledge and offer students enhanced learning opportunities, fostering close collaboration with faculty researchers and peers on innovative projects.

Research at Midwestern

Academic Course Catalog

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The Midwestern Return on Investment

Career Placement & Salaries

The career outlook for Physical Therapists remains highly favorable, with a projected growth rate of 18% from 2020 to 2030.*
Career Path
Estimated Starting Salary
Physical Therapist*
PT in Home Healthcare Services*
PT in Hospitals; state, local, and private

* The median annual wage for physical therapists (2022) Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Campus Options

Arizona campus
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Located just 15 minutes from downtown Phoenix. Students can study and live on our sprawling 143-acre campus and practice at our University-owned clinics located just across the street.

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Downers Grove

Located just 25 miles west of Chicago. Students can study and live in the comfort and safety of a 105-acre campus in the suburbs and can practice at our University-owned clinics located just 10 minutes away.

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